Top Tips for Sitting a CII/PSI Remote Invigilated Exam

BTS Director Luiza Todd shares some top tips for sitting remote CII exams using the PSI invigilation system.

Continuing her series of articles for Professional Paraplanner, BTS’ Luiza Todd offers some advice from her first-hand experience of sitting remote exams over the past year.

BTS sit the R0 exams every year to ensure our knowledge of the exams stays on top form. This includes helping candidates to prepare for the exam experience itself which, let’s face it, can be a pretty daunting one!

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The best strategy for any CII R0 exam is to be prepared. That includes both knowledge and exam strategy. The BTS formula for R0 exam success is simple:

Study using our study guides

Train or e-Learn using our workshops and online modules

Practise your exam technique using the Study Buddy app.

Study train e-learn practise for the CII R0 exams

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