Our new R0 Study Buddy app is out and we're compiling possible changes for future versions, but we've also been asked some questions about the App Stores and how to deal with certain issues, we hope the following will help resolve any problems. If you've found an issue and aren't sure how to solve it please contact us.

Using R03 as an example…

  • Once you’ve bought a ‘set’ you’d get 200 questions.
  • From there, when you ask the App to create a full sample exam Take An Exam, it grabs 50 questions and creates a full paper. The questions would be structured, so that the sample paper you get matches the syllabus split in a real exam.
  • The next time you ask the App to create a full sample exam it will create another new paper based on 50 syllabus-specific questions. You may get some of the same questions but you may not. There are enough questions in any one bank for 4 full exams with no repeated questions.
  • In practice, you could ask the App to create around 50 full sample exam papers before you’d get one with exactly the same questions as any of the previous 49! The logic is, each time you try a paper you will get some questions you’ve seen before (so consolidate your learning) and some new ones.
  • You can also ask the app to ‘Just give me questions on Learning outcome ‘x’, to focus your revision. This gives you a better chance of practicing all the questions in the ‘set’.
Sometimes your purchase through the app and into the App Store don't synchronise correctly. Try to go to the "Buy Exams" page and at the bottom of the screen you'll find a button "Recover Previous Purchases", click that and it should sync your purchase to your device. More advice is this issue is available here from Apple.
Apple will send you a receipt, however, it can take a few days for them to send it. If you need an urgent invoice please login to your iTunes account on your computer where you can download it straight away. More information on this can be found here through Apple Support.
From your iOS device go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data. Find the R0 Study Buddy latest log and open it, by clicking on to it, then click into the log content and Copy all the log content to an email, which can be sent to us for analysis.