As part of a programme of workshops being run by BTS for one of its Wealth Management clients in Edinburgh a group of eight students sat the CII RO3 exam, and seven students have passed, giving an overall pass-rate of 88% against a countrywide pass-rate of 50.9% for RO3 in 2015.  Once again the tried and tested methods used by BTS have paid off. Congratulations to all!

Feedback from some of the students:

The R03 sessions laid down a strong foundation to build an understanding of the course and took topics further than the CII book explains using examples that could be related to easily.’  Martin Welch – Trainee Wealth Manager

‘Found the workshops a great help as they brought extra dimensions to my study. They gave current and understandable examples, and added a visual aspect to my study, which I find much easier to understand.......I used the BTS study guides and found they explained things in a more straight forward manner, allowing me to maximise my studying efficiency. Using their study material for R02 from start to finish - wish me luck...’  Mark Guy – Trainee Wealth Manager