Great news from the CII regarding exam packages…

You may not be aware, but there has been some exciting news recently from the Chartered Insurance Institute. There hasn’t been any formal public announcement (that BTS can see) but the news is definitely out in the public domain. Individuals are contacting BTS to share what they’ve been told in replies to their complaints, plus [...]

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We’ve submitted our complaint to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

As promised in last week's blogs, we have now submitted our letter of complaint to the CMA. In case you'd like to borrow some or all of our words for your own complaint letter, the following is the content of our letter: We are a small financial services training provider called Bespoke Training Solutions. We [...]

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The introduction of CII’s exam packages makes headline news…

In case you haven’t seen it, Financial Adviser published an article yesterday about the CII’s recent policy changes relating to their study and exam options. Here’s a link to the article: As many of you will be aware, BTS have been commenting on the CII exam changes and the introduction of compulsory exam packages, [...]

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What can help me pass the CII’s RO1 exam?

We are now into 2018, and facing a number of Chartered Insurance Institute changes that make passing any of their exams a whole lot tougher. If you are not aware of these changes they are: No CII face to face workshops The CII have completely pulled out of offering learners any workshop support. This is [...]

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An excellent pass rate, and some positive feedback from our students…

BTS have just finished delivering a two day R01 workshop for five London students. All were sitting their R01 exam within a few weeks of the end of the workshop, and were concerned about knowledge levels and their ability to pass the exam. Their concerns are not unreasonable. The R01 financial services, regulation and ethics [...]

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For many, taking the Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning can be a daunting undertaking. Throughout 2017 we are likely to see higher numbers of new candidates taking the Level 4 qualifications than at any other time in the last 4 years as new financial adviser Apprenticeship programmes get underway. This is in addition [...]

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The CII recently announced a new qualification aimed at advisers wishing to become qualified in the pensions transfers market. This new level 4 qualification will be called the Certificate in Pension Transfers and aims to develop the in-depth knowledge and practical skills of anyone wishing to advise on the transfer of 'safeguarded benefits'. So, what [...]

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