R06 Financial planning practice February 2021 Case Study Analysis

R06 Financial planning practice February 2021 Case Study Analysis

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Course Overview

The BTS Analysis contains specimen questions with suggested answers, and guidance on techniques on how to pass your R06 exam.

The analysis has been designed using BTS’s years of experience in supporting candidates towards an R06 exam pass: we have designed an analysis on every single exam sitting since inception.

It contains:

  • hints about how to approach your study
  • guidance on the types of knowledge areas you should be revisiting
  • suggestions for the best way to approach the exam.

We have included 27 specimen questions on case study 1 and 34 specimen questions on case study 2. You can use these questions to practise your answers before comparing them to our suggested answers.

The Analysis also contains BTS crib sheets to help you to revise key facts on specific areas. We have included additional protection product crib sheets this time around, as we have noticed an R06 examiner trend in the last two papers where this has been the examiner’s favourite subject. We have also included questions that are not directly linked to the stated objectives, but are subjects that are regular visitors to the R06 exam.

Please remember that BTS do not know exactly which questions will be asked in your R06 exam. Our R06 experience helps us to identify possible questions that we see asked regularly in the exam, but we cannot guarantee that we will have spotted all possible areas that may be examined.