R02 Revision Workshop | 2nd & 5th September 2022

R02 Revision Workshop | 2nd & 5th September 2022
R02 workshop

BTS R02 Revision Workshop


Key information

BTS is holding an online revision workshop (using Zoom) for candidates who are studying for and taking the R02 examination.

The full cost of this 2-day training event is £200 (+ VAT).

The two-day workshop will be held on a Friday and Monday.

Each day will commence at 09:30 sharp and finish by 16:30, with breaks timetabled for lunch etc throughout the day.

Spaces are limited to keep group sizes small.


How can this workshop help you?

R02 is a tough exam, and it has got even tougher over the last couple of years. Question styles have become more challenging with greater use of grids and tables in question stems (as well as words!). BTS hear such feedback from many candidates that come to us when they are struggling with this unit. So, we know how hard an exam it is.

This workshop can help you in a couple of ways.

If you are relatively new to the subject, it can help you understand key exam concepts, so that when you then start to study your BTS guide, it will make a lot more sense.

If you have already worked through the BTS study guide, the workshop will help to get you exam-ready. Any candidates using the BTS workshop as a platform for an exam sitting soon after attendance will find that they focus on the exam learning outcomes that are essential to a pass.

BTS have been supporting these exams for almost 19 years. BTS Designers sit the R0 exams every year to ensure their knowledge of the style and content of exam questions is as up to date and ‘exam standard’ as possible when designing our R0 support materials. We know more than any other provider out there what the exam standard is, and these two days can help you reach this standard, sit the R02 exam and pass it!

You will work with an experienced BTS Associate over the two days to consolidate your understanding of the key subject areas for the unit. You will also spend time developing your question answering techniques and exam revision strategy. The R02 workshop will focus on the four main Learning Outcomes for R02 – Learning outcomes 1, 6, 7 & 8 = 69 exam questions:

  • LO1 Asset classes
  • LO6 Investment Products
  • LO7 Investment advice process
  • LO8 Understand the principles of investment planning

90-day access to digital copies of the slides, plus a selection of online consolidation tests for each Learning Outcome covered on the workshop will be provided after the event. Your digital materials will also include a full specimen exam paper containing exam-standard questions and fully explained answers.


Recommended prior learning

To get the most out of the workshop, we recommend you work through your choice of Study Guide before attending, however candidates can attend the workshop before completing a Study Guide as it will mean you don’t waste valuable study time just getting to grips with the basics.

The BTS Study Guide can be ordered from the shop.

Get the R0 Study Buddy App

To support your exam preparation, the BTS R0 Study Buddy App contains volumes of exam-standard questions (£39.99 per volume).

The experts at BTS sit the R0 exams every year to make sure our exam questions are as close to the real thing as we can get them. This means you can be confident that the questions in the R0 Study Buddy are as close to exam-standard as they can be.

Each volume of R0 exam questions contains enough questions for four unique exam papers.

R0 Study Buddy is available to download on your mobile device from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Search for “R0 Study Buddy”.


Cancellation Policy:

The viability of a workshop is based on minimum delegate numbers.  Payment is due by the date stated on your invoice (one week prior to your workshop date). If you cancel your attendance on this workshop after this point, your costs will not be refunded, as this would impact on the course for your fellow delegates. If BTS cancels the workshop, the cost of attending the workshop will be refunded in full.

Paid Event


LOCATION:Online Zoom
DATE :2022-09-02
START/END TIME:09:30-16:30

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The BTS learning management system will be undergoing essential maintenance on Thursday 9th June. Access to digital study materials including study guides, e-Learning modules and workshop materials will be unavailable throughout the day. Access will be restored on the morning of Friday 10th June 2022.

Please bear with us during this essential maintenance.

Many thanks for your understanding.