R05 Workshop Soundbites

BTS have recently ran a series of R05 workshops for one of our wealth management clients. This involved two 2-day workshops for four separate groups, Edinburgh, London, Solihull and Manchester. The attendees were mainly second careerists with little or no financial services experience. R05 is always talked about as an 'easier' exam in the RO set. [...]

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What can help me pass the CII’s RO1 exam?

We are now into 2018, and facing a number of Chartered Insurance Institute changes that make passing any of their exams a whole lot tougher. If you are not aware of these changes they are: No CII face to face workshops The CII have completely pulled out of offering learners any workshop support. This is [...]

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We’ve submitted our complaint letter

As promised in last week's blogs, we have now submitted our letter of complaint to the CII. In case you'd like to borrow some or all of our words for your own complaint letter, the following is the content of our letter: For the attention of: Inga Beale: President of the CII Board Sian Fisher: [...]

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One week on under the new CII regime.

A week has gone by since the CII decision to give no choice to its students in the exam package purchases for RO/JO and AF exams. Looking at the details (below) from the CII’s published Global Cooperation Strategy… As the premier professional body for the insurance and financial planning professions, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) promotes [...]

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What is happening at CII Towers?

Last month we had the announcement that the CII is withdrawing completely from offering any face to face revision workshops for individuals studying RO, JO or AF exams. On Thursday 4th January, BTS found out that, for most financial services regulated exams, the CII have introduced an all-inclusive packaged approach. This means that you can [...]

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What is in store in 2018 for those studying for CII exams?

An update from Luiza Todd The dust has now settled on the news that the Chartered Insurance Institute are no longer running ‘in-house’ exam revision workshops. This still feels like such a strange decision for an examining body to make. I cannot believe that there is not still a huge appetite for R0 exam support [...]

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R05 Workshop Results and Student Feedback

BTS have just run a RO5 workshop for one of our Wealth Management clients. This involved an action-packed two-day workshop facilitated in London. The attendees were mainly second careerists with little or no financial services experience. This workshop was full to brimming with relevant theories and practice, lots of handouts, including one page ‘crib-sheets’ for [...]

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What are R0 students supposed to do?

We have just found out that the Chartered Insurance Institute have made the decision that, from 2018, they will no longer offer R0 workshops to the general market for candidates who are studying for these exams.   This means that the qualifications that involve such a commitment in terms of study time, question practice, and [...]

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Bridging the Succession Gap

Much has been written about the current demographic challenges facing the Financial Services Profession. We know that there is an ageing adviser population with the average age of an adviser estimated to be north of fifty, and survey after survey stating that at least one third of advisers are looking to retire in the next [...]

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Continuing the R01 success rates

BTS have just completed another R01 workshop for six Edinburgh students. All were sitting their R01 exam within a few weeks of the workshop and were concerned about retaining knowledge in subject areas that were... a tad dull! The R01 financial services, regulation and ethics exam is not getting any easier. Pass-rates country wide remain [...]

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