R06 July 2020 pre-exam analysis, questions and answers

//R06 July 2020 pre-exam analysis, questions and answers

R06 July 2020 pre-exam analysis, questions and answers


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Analysis of the case studies to be examined as part of the CII’s R06 exam in July2020.

Contains sample case-study specific questions and answers of typical R06 questions.

These can be used as a summary of potential answers to ‘learn’, and as a practice test by:

  • looking at the question(s)
  • NOT looking at the sample answers! (which is the hard part, but means you get the most learning out of the exercise)
  • answering the question
  • comparing your answer to the model answer
  • seeing what patterns there are in answering questions in a way that helps the marker give you the marks

NOTE: We will be running face to face workshops in the lead up to the July exam.

This lets us further discuss the case studies and add to the pre-exam analysis.

When you buy the current analysis document, you will also receive any updated copies we produce, for example including additional considerations that arise, free of charge.


Out of stock



Analysis of the July 2020 R06 case studies, with examples of possible questions on the clients' stated objectives.

Includes free updates if BTS identify additional possible exam question areas as part of the eight R06 workshops that we are running in the lead up to the exam on Monday 6th July.


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