BTS have just finished running a series of R0 workshops for a wealth management client based in Edinburgh. This intake was made up of 9 students. One of the group already has the required level 4 qualification but the rest had little industry experience and are working their way through all six papers over the next six months.

7 of the 8 students have just sat and passed the CII R04 exam giving an overall pass-rate of 88%. This compares to countrywide industry pass-rates of 49% for R04 in 2015. Once more, these are fantastic results.

Here is a sample of the feedback received from some of the group’s BTS students.

Pensions were something I struggled with going through the R0 exams and that's where most of my worries lay, but with the BTS R04 study guide and workshops I very quickly felt confident in my knowledge and cemented that with a first time pass in the R04 exam.  Highly recommend the BTS study guides, since using them I have gotten first time passes in all the exams and my understanding of the subject areas has improved tenfold.

Barry Guy – Trainee Wealth Manager

 "I have used both the BTS study guide and the F2F study workshops for my R04 study, which greatly aided me in a first time pass. I believe that the advantage they gave me to maximise my study time was invaluable, because managing study with two kids wasn't easy. The BTS R04 study guide made complex areas much more clear and focused on what's important for the exam. I highly recommend this process to anyone planning a study strategy."

Mark Guy – Trainee Wealth Manager

I've found all the BTS revision sessions really useful in preparing me for exam success. The instructors helped me focus on the important elements in each book so I could get maximum return for the limited time I had to revise. The workshops helped to simplify some of the more confusing parts of the CII books and the example questions were good to confirm my understanding as we proceeded.

Angus Watson - Trainee Wealth Manager