One area that is often overlooked when it comes to the R06 exam is exam technique...

… and then applying that to the relevant knowledge areas.


An R06 exam pass is usually achieved with:

  • Good all-round technical knowledge of the subjects contained in R01 through R05
  • Understanding, analysing and practising potential questions that could come up
  • Having a clear view of how you would answer likely questions
  • Using the right question-answering techniques in the exam

BTS have a proven track record in helping students pass this tough exam.

Our most successful students follow a three-pronged approach:

  • Order and work through the BTS R06 study guide from here
    This gets you practising key techniques and question-answering styles early on, using sample exam-style case studies. To give yourself the best chances of passing, you'll need to do more than just trying to memorise possible answers. You must develop the techniques that will get you from a blank exam page to answers that will score good marks. The BTS guides starts you off on that journey.
  • Sign up to a BTS two-day R06 workshop here
    On the workshop, the BTS facilitator will work with you through some possible questions and answers, based on the actual exam case studies. You will spend time identifying key question-answering techniques required to achieve an exam pass, practising the right techniques with a selection of exam-style questions, based on the exam case studies, and benefiting from a 'forum' to discuss and share ideas, ask questions, and obtain clarification from the BTS facilitator and other students in the same position as you.
  • Practice, practice, practice in the time between the BTS workshop and the actual exam day
    BTS try and run our workshops as early as possible, so students have a few days to then do all the required practice. We also stay in touch with students emailing out extra areas and questions that we may have thought of.

If you can't attend a workshop, BTS also offer our hugely popular case-study analysis. This will be completed within 3 days of the release of the case studies and will be available from here

Attending the two-day R06 workshop costs £345 + VAT per person.

Please remember that BTS do not know exactly which questions will be asked in your R06 exam. We use our extensive exam experience to produce possible questions and answers, but cannot cover every single question and answer that may come up.

Your best possible chance of exam success is likely to be by ordering and working through the BTS R06 study guide and then attending a two day face to face workshop.

If you can't attend a workshop, order and work through the BTS analysis of possible questions and answers based on the two exam case studies.