BTS App on iPhoneBTS R0 StudyBuddy provides a digital way of practicing for the Chartered Insurance Institute R0 exams, increasing your chances of passing a Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning exam (R0s) at the first sitting.

With enough sample exam-style questions for four completely unique full exams, BTS StudyBuddy is perfect for anyone trying to pass R01 through to R05.


  • Replicates the CII exam standard, as much as possible, in an electronic format
  • Able to mirror the time pressure that you experience in real exam
  • Includes challenging question styles, such as confusing or unclear language and grammar, and double-negatives
  • Includes questions that appear to have more than one correct answer but are not multi-response
  • Includes questions that appear to have no correct answer
  • Allows you to choose the exam you sit
  • Complete full specimen exams
    • Focus on specific Learning Outcomes
    • Marks the paper for you: no need to cross check with an answer grid
  • Provides feedback on what you got right and wrong, and WHY!
  • Highlights areas that require further development
  • Allows you to practice as and when you have time
  • Complements other BTS R0 support

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