The BTS R0 Study Buddy App is designed to provide an opportunity for you to practice exam-style questions in a digital way.

Whilst you are using Study Buddy you may have questions on how the App works, or you may experience some 'technical' issues that you'd like help to solve.  This section of our website will answer many of your questions and provide guidance on what to do if the App isn't behaving as you'd like.

As with most Apps, although the content is provided by BTS, the App itself is hosted via Apple and Google's servers.

That can sometimes mean that there are areas completely outside BTS' control that cause the App to be unavailable, or to lose contact with Apple and/or Google whilst you are using the App.

Imagine the many devices, operating system versions and use-case situations that exist.  All of which can impact on the end-user experience you receive from the App!

On this page you'll see examples of the questions that we have received about the App itself, the App Stores, and how to deal with certain issues.

We hope the following will help resolve any problems, but if  you've found an issue and aren't sure how to solve it please contact us.

We are here to help, and to make sure that your exam preparation goes as smoothly as possible.

The BTS Team

R0 Study Buddy is downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

As long as you search for 'R0 Study Buddy' you should be able to see the App.

If you don't find it straight away, in the Apple App Store, you can use 'Filters' as part of your search and select 'Finance' in the 'Category' section, which will narrow the number of search results.

Once you have downloaded the App, a BTS icon will appear on your phone/tablet (although the background will not be the deep blue that we have here on our device).

The App is not available on a PC or Mac.

When you launch the app from the icon on your screen, the first screen you see will be this 'Home' screen.

This is where you will find most of the action buttons to interact with the App.

To load a volume of questions, click on the 'Buy Exams' button.

The App will ask you to select the R0 exam volume that you wish to purchase.

Once you have selected the R0 exam volume you wish to purchase, then select the ‘Buy Exam’ option.

Each 200 or 400 volume of App R0 questions costs £29.99.

For some R0s, BTS have designed two sets of question volumes.

These are based on the same exam learning outcomes so questions, whilst not identical, will be similar across each volume.

Whether you purchase 1 or 2 volumes depends on how many practice questions you want to have access to.

Once you have purchased a volume of R0 questions, you can select  'Take an Exam’ from  the home screen.

The next screen will ask if you want to do a full exam, or to select a certain learning outcome; for example if there is one area that you want to focus on.

You can also select to do your questions timed or non-timed.

Using the timed option can be a good idea for exams such as R03 Personal Taxation, where one of the biggest issues in the real CII one-hour exam is that students run out of time.

Once you have selected a certain learning outcome or a full exam, and decided on your timings option, you can then start the exam.

At the bottom of each question page four icons appear:

There are two arrows. One points left, the other points right. As you can imagine, this allows you to move backwards and forwards between your questions.

There is a flag icon which allows you to flag any questions you are not sure about – identical to the 'flag' option that is in the actual CII R01 to R05 exams.

There is also an exit icon (the one that looks like a closing door). This allows you to exit the exam if needed, for example if your train arrives or you are interrupted.

If you press this button you will have three options:

  • Exit and save (leave the question page but save what you have done so far)
  • Exit without saving (leave the question page but don’t save what you have done so far)
  • Continue exam

When you then go back to your App questions later, one option is to ‘continue a previously saved exam’. This is exactly as it sounds; you can go back to the questions you were part way through and continue, or you can start a new set of questions if that’s what you prefer.

When you have finished your questions you will then see two options:

  • Review all questions
    This allows you to go back through your questions and check you are happy with the answers selected
  • Submit exam for score
    You will then ask the App to mark the questions you have answered.
Using R03 as an example…

  • Once you’ve bought a ‘set’ you’d get 200 questions.
  • From there, when you ask the App to create a full sample exam, it selects 50 questions and creates a full paper. The questions would be structured, so that the sample paper you get matches the syllabus-split in a real exam.
  • The next time you ask the App to create a full sample exam it will create another new paper, based on 50 syllabus-specific questions. You may get some of the same questions but you may not.
  • There are enough questions in any one bank for 4 full exams with no repeated questions.
  • In practice, you could ask the App to create hundreds of full sample exam papers before you’d get one with exactly the same questions as any of the previous ones! The logic is; each time you try a paper you will get some questions you’ve seen before (so consolidate your learning) and some new ones.
  • You can also ask the app to ‘Just give me questions on Learning outcome X' to focus your revision. This gives you a better chance of practicing all the questions in the ‘set’.
The App will tell you your score.

You will then be offered four options:

  • Review Incorrect Answers
  • Review All Answers
  • Save Exam Result
  • Back To Start
You can click on any set of saved results and be able to review the answers again.

This time, the options will be:

  • Review Incorrect Answers
  • Review All Answers
  • Back To Start
Sometimes, the App and the Apple App Store or Google Play Store don't synchronise correctly.

This can happen if there is a fall in your connection to Apple or Google during purchase, or sometimes even after a purchase.

To resolve this,  go to the "Buy Exams" page and (at the bottom of the screen) you'll find a button "Recover Previous Purchases".

Click on that and it should sync your purchase to your device.

This behaviour is not exclusive to the StudyBuddy App. Apple provide more information on this, in their advice on this issue available here from Apple.

Your provider (Apple or Google) will send you a receipt, however it can take a few days for them to send it.

If you need an urgent invoice please login to your iTunes account or your Google Play account on your computer where you can download it straight away.

More information on how Apple deal with this can be found here through Apple Support.

From your iOS device go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data.

Find the R0 Study Buddy latest log and open it, by clicking on to it, then click into the log content and Copy all the log content to an email, which can be sent to us for analysis.

There are literally thousands of devices, and the list changes constantly. Rather than list them here, the following links have all the details (on the Google Play Android device list and iOS device list)
  • Open your email inbox for your Apple ID email address
  • Search “Your receipt from Apple” and locate the receipt from the related purchase
  • Locate and Click on the “Report a Problem” link
  • You will be redirected to login with your Apple ID and password
  • Tap on Choose Problem and make a selection.
  • Please follow the prompts based on your selection.