Other than for R06, which run each quarter in line with the R06 exam sittings, BTS do not offer scheduled open face to face workshops.

Instead, face to face support is arranged on a bespoke 'per-enquiry' basis with our clients.  Workshops could take the form of a focused one day revision event where attendees have thoroughly studied the relevant topics beforehand, or a longer workshop covering relevant exam topics is greater depth.

Key Benefits

One day one-to-one revision events allow the focus to be on the learners' needs, based on their existing knowledge levels, and highlight key exam areas that are often examined.

Two-day tutor-facilitated revision workshops provide tutor support, plus practice multiple-choice/multiple-response tests, our BTS crib-sheets (revision one pagers containing key exam information) and a specimen exam. The workshops are tailored for individuals looking to:

  • sit the relevant R0 exam a couple of weeks after the workshop
  • improve their knowledge in key areas
  • gain CPD in a specific subject or area

Full workshops cover more of the exam syllabus, allow more time to expand on areas learners may be having difficulty with and reduce the needs for personal study in advance of the workshop. This can mean less study time being taken away from a business.

The workshops will be suitable for advisers, paraplanners, employees, the self-employed – everyone is welcome. You can contact us to register your interest, either on an individual or a corporate 'group' basis.

You may have seen our blogs about the RO results that we achieve. We pride ourselves on the skills of our BTS facilitators and the relevance of our workshop materials. Also, our test questions are pitched at the exam standard – not a lot easier or harder. After all, no-one likes too many surprises in the exam itself.

The pre-arranged workshops can be complemented by our BTS RO study guides. Covering R01 through to R06, the guides are written in plain English, use visuals and diagrams as an aid to learning and include lots of practice examples to help cement understanding.  Give them a try. Based on the feedback  from our existing customers we are convinced you will love them!

Don’t just take our word for it. There are many comments from satisfied customers on the BTS website in relation to our workshops and our guides, so please take a look.

To request a place click here, or go to Contact Us.

Testimonial - James Tucker

"I was fortunate enough to have BTS Training as part of my development and “crammer” revision for the “R0” exams.   Luiza Todd offers a thorough, personable and refreshingly frank approach to mastering these tricky exams.  The material was perfect with challenging practice questions during the training sessions and stimulating Specimen papers to test one’s knowledge during revision.   It was also very useful to be able to contact Luiza online with questions as they inevitably arose.  I recommend their services above any other training company I have had."

James Tucker,  Associate Partner

Testimonial - Rebecca Brydon

"I received training from BTS from April 2014 to July 2014 to aid an accelerated self-study programme.  I attended between 2 and 3 full day workshops per module for modules RO1-RO6 CII to achieve the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.  These were complemented with telephone ‘surgeries’ where queries could be clarified with the trainers.  I was provided with additional notes, guidance, crib sheets and test questions, which aided my learning alongside my textbook.

I found Luiza and Darren to be helpful trainers with excellent technical knowledge of both the tax year being examined and previous years.  Darren’s approach to the formulas and ratios used in RO2 was particularly helpful.  He taught both the mathematical formula, as well as a ‘simplified’ method to use on a basic calculator.  This was useful, as different people in the workshop found they understood one more than the other.  Specifically, I found that using the simplified formulas was easier for me and he ensured that we understood what the underlying calculation was used for.

Luiza provided excellent foresight into the RO6 exam and was able to anticipate many of the areas that were likely to come up.  This allowed our workshops to concentrate on the best types of answers to these questions leaving very little as a complete surprise in the exam (though it was still not easy).  I found it particularly helpful, as I had not yet sat RO5 due to illness, but was able to get up to speed on the areas of protection and have questions prepared for my RO6 sitting.  This enabled me to successfully pass this exam first time.

Since completing the exams, I have been in contact with Luiza and Darren as they have trained some of my other colleagues.  They have been brilliant at circulating updated information/guidance and clarifying questions."

Rebecca Brydon, Managed Services Associate

Testimonial - Zoe Robertson

"The service that BTS provides is first class. The face to face workshops alongside learning materials provided are extremely helpful. I have attended workshops for R01 all the way through to R06 and could not fault one. They give you in depth knowledge and provide examples which relate to the theory you learn. R06 was especially useful as it not only provides you with the knowledge for the exam but the techniques needed to be able to answer the questions and analyse the case studies to prepare you as much as possible for the exam.

The workshops also give you the opportunity to ask questions and further your knowledge. The trainers are also extremely friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable which makes it easier to ask questions and feel more relaxed.

I would highly recommend BTS as without their help, it would have taken much longer to achieve my qualification.  Thank you!"

Zoe Robertson (Dip PFS), Managed Services Associate

Testimonial - James Rooney

"I found the face to face workshops extremely useful as they provided me with the opportunity to ask questions about any syllabus content I was struggling with, whilst also benefiting from the areas other people had difficulty with. The workshops were a mixture of practice questions and reviewing the answers as well as presentations on course specific content. The workshops tested my application of the knowledge I had gained from the BTS Study guides and highlighted the topics I needed to focus more studying on. I would highly recommend the BTS workshops and would happily attend more workshops in the future."

- James Rooney, Managed Services Associate

Testimonial - Josh Westhoff

"The workshops that BTS provided are extremely helpful, in conjunction with the guides the workshops are able to bring the examples and problems that are presented in the text to life.

The trainers are always open to questions which really enhances the learnings that are gained from the time. The workshops are also a great opportunity to work over issues that have been presented whilst reading the text.

The workshops provide time for examples to be presented and worked through with the trainers, this gives the opportunity for helpful hints and tips to be provided making the content more understandable."

- Josh Westhoff, Managed Services Associate

Testimonial - Rich McGarvey

"I first experienced BTS in 2014. As someone who has been in the financial services industry for many years I find the content, presentation and delivery style of BTS to be outstanding.

A pragmatic and real world approach I found that not only the training sessions are really valuable but the other 'go the extra mile’ extras, tips and cribs are where the real value is added. The follow up and on going communication is equally as good - the ongoing support (much of it free) - is also superb.

I would recommend BTS highly and dare I say, would look forward to attending any learning and development programme they were running in the future."

- Rich McGarvey, Senior Manager

Testimonial - Kevin Carson

"I cannot speak highly enough of the brilliant training I received from BTS…it is top class !!

On attending the workshops I was presented with excellent revision material which concentrated on the key points that the examiners were looking for and together with very professional trainers who were both knowledgeable and understanding, my approach and technique improved immensely resulting in a more confident approach to exams that I was previously dreading!!

Heartfelt thanks to all the trainers (especially Luiza) for the patience and expert knowledge/materials provided, that helped me attain my SPS in a much shorter time frame than I could have if I had been left to my own devices!!

Thanks Again"

- Kevin Carson, Senior Financial Advisor

Testimonial - Abigail Gill

"BTS workshops gave me my opportunity to ensure I had sufficient depth of understanding across the relevant and most up to date syllabus, enabling me to immerse myself in practice questions that were truly reflective of the complexity needed to pass the RO exams and more importantly BTS provided clear rationale as to the answer; in short it helped me get into the mind of the cii examiners. It was also invaluable being able to email the tutor during the final revision period to clarify why the CII /RevisionMate questions I had got wrong were wrong.

Their clarity, knowledge, encouragement and support meant that I passed all my RO exams first time.

Thank you BTS!"

- Abigail Gill, Associate Partner

Testimonial - Sam Steel

"BTS were invaluable to my completion of the Diploma in Financial Planning. BTS facilitators have a great deal of knowledge and use real world examples to help embed this. BTS offer excellent study materials which really helped me focus my studying and test myself ahead of the exams. I found the mock exams the most useful and they were a good reflection of the actual exams I took.

BTS allowed me to complete my diploma and led to me being awarded a prize for the highest average test scores in the region.

This is a reflection of the strong teaching and support I received from BTS – I would not hesitate to study with them again!"

- Sam Steel, Managed Services Executive

Subjects Covered

  • R01 Financial services regulation and compliance
  • R01 Investment and risk
  • R03 Personal Taxation
  • R04 Pension and retirement planning
  • R05 Financial protection
  • R06 Integrated financial planning

Costs of Services

Costs are agreed on an individual client basis. Please use the contact us page to obtain individual costings