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AF1 Personal tax and trust planning – Printed Study Guide 2022-2023 Exam Year


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BTS study guides are available in a choice of two formats: printed or digital. The content is the same for both versions, the choice depends on which works best for you.

What makes the BTS AF1 study guide different?

  • The BTS AF1 study guide follows a similar format to our well-loved R0 study guides.
  • This guide will help with your preparation for AF1, as you read through each chapter you will gradually work through the AF1 syllabus and practice the necessary exam question answering techniques, using:
    • questions based on exam style case studies
    • exercises to practice and embed learning
    • technical reviews around the key elements of tax and trust planning
    • diagrams and pictures to help ensure that the guide appeals to all learning styles.
  • It will aid your preparation by looking at how to analyse case study details, and how to link your answers to the case study information. We will review how you should structure your answers, and there will be lots of practice on how to lay out your calculations to maximise marks.

How will the format of the guide help?

  • The guide is written in simpler language to try and ensure you get a good learning experience. The text is broken up with diagrams and pictures as appropriate, so that you are not just faced with page after page of text. The guide structure is clearly explained in this introduction and as you work through the guide.
  • This is achieved using regular descriptions of ‘where you are’ in the guide in relation to the AF1 syllabus, what each guide section covers, and regular summaries of what you have covered and the key learning areas. Testing your learning and understanding is achieved using exercises, questions and specimen AF1 case studies and questions.
  • The learning is provided on an incremental basis, so that you gradually move through the syllabus, revise some of the possible key technical areas and practise the required exam question answering techniques.


How long will it take to complete this guide?

The CII recommendation is 150 hours of study time in relation to AF1, however this is only an indication of how long you will need. You may take more or less time than this. The amount of time you should set aside to complete this guide and the associated exercises will depend on your knowledge and experience.

You don’t have to complete the guide in one go. Consider dividing your study over several weeks, allowing time for you to consolidate your learning. The important thing for AF1 is that you complete this guide before looking at any specimen exams as part of your preparation.

It is essential that you have had practice with past exam guides well in advance of the exam date, as these will enable you to spot the trends, and understand the level of detail required in your answers.

At the end of the guide, you will find some ‘Key Learning Points’ and ‘Notes and Queries’ pages. Use these spaces while working through the guide to note any key points and to capture any areas where you feel you need further clarity or development that you can work on in the run up to your AF1 exam sitting.

In addition to the case-study based questions throughout the guide, there is a complete specimen AF1 exam with suggested answers towards the end of the guide.

If you would prefer a digital version of the BTS study guides, these are available as an alternative to the printed guides and can be purchased separately in the Shop | Bespoke Training Solutions

Free samples of both formats are available in the shop, so you can ‘try before you buy’.

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