AF7 Pension Transfers e-Learning Module

AF7 Pension Transfers Case Study e-Learning Module 2022-2023 (120-day enrolment)

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Access duration: 120-day enrolment period

What is BTS e-Learning?

The BTS AF7 Pension transfers e-Learning module is an online learning experience. It consists of five unique case studies, each with a full set of specimen exam questions and model answers. The module is designed to be worked through as a series of mock papers, attempting your own answer before self-marking using our marking grid. A clear rationale is provided for each answer so you can learn as you go.

We include hints and tips after each question debrief, plus include relevant crib sheets on possible technical areas that could be examined.

BTS AF7 designers sit the exam every year to keep their knowledge of the question styles as up to date and relevant as possible.

Key features of BTS e-Learning:

  • Personal login area for 24/7 access to your online e-Learning materials.
  • The system is fully mobile responsive, allowing you to learn on the go.
  • Exam standard questions throughout to check your key exam knowledge.
  • Technical crib sheets on key knowledge areas.


Recommended study plan

Passing AF7 needs a very focused approach when it comes to your study plan. This is a challenging exam with a narrow syllabus, which means candidate knowledge levels and their ability to apply this knowledge to short answer questions and case studies needs to be good. Last minute cramming will generally not result in an exam pass – a ‘little and often’ approach is recommended, as always with any advanced exam.

The BTS AF7 study plan has four steps to it; the aim being to set you up for first time exam success.

  • First, we recommend candidates work through a study guide. The BTS AF7 Study Guide will be available to purchase from October 2022 here.
    • This gradually walks you through the exam syllabus and helps improve your exam relevant technical knowledge.
    • It will also teach you how to approach different styles of exam question in order to answer the question being asked to maximise marks achieved.
  • After self-study, the next step is to work through the AF7 e-Learning module.
    • This is based on five exam style case studies.
    • We would suggest you complete each one in exam style conditions
    • Model answers and BTS Hints and Tips are provided for each question.
  • The next step in your study plan is to complete in exam conditions and self-mark as many past CII AF7 papers as you can.
    • This again gets you practising the key question-answering techniques that you have learned from the study guide.
    • This highlights technical areas that still need some work.
  • Finally, we suggest you attend a revision workshop for some last minute technical and question styles input.
    • BTS run a remote one-day workshop usually a couple of week before the exam date.
    • This day will act as a refresher on some of the technical areas that may be examined.
    • We discuss different possible question styles and how to approach them.
    • Workshop handouts will include relevant process / technical crib sheets that are notoriously difficult to retain. These will help with last minute key technical revision. View the upcoming workshop dates and book as space – BTS Events Calendar


Just like any other CII exam, some self-study first is required. It is not just a question of attending a workshop and practising possible exam questions. Self-study across different technical areas is a must, to give you the best possible chance of a pass.


Nicole Crosbie | Chartered Financial Planner | Moran Wealth Management Ltd

When I set out to tackle AF7, after receiving the CII study guide, I just couldn’t get motivated. It was so uninviting and dry. When the BTS Transfers Case Study e-Learning Module was launched I placed an order. The exam style questions covered an array of subjects from all parts of the syllabus, the answers were in clear and concise format which really appealed to my learning style. They definitely helped push me over the line and I am delighted to say I passed first time. I highly recommend this route and wouldn’t hesitate to use them as a first port of call for any future exams. I am sure the study guide for AF7 when launched will be a game changer.

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