From 1st September 2022 the CII will begin to examine the 22/23 syllabi. 21/22 materials will remain valid for all exams up to and including 31st August 2022. 22/23 materials will be added to the BTS shop throughout July 2022. BTS would like to reassure candidates purchasing 21/22 materials after 1st June 2022 that they will have the option to receive, upon request, a digital version of the updated 22/23 materials. See Terms & Conditions of Supply for full details.

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R01 Financial services, regulation and ethics: e-Learning Module 2022-2023 (120-day enrolment)


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Access duration: 120-day enrolment period

What is BTS e-Learning?

The R01 Financial services, regulation and ethics e-Learning module is an interactive, online learning experience designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of the key learning outcomes examined on the CII R01 Financial services, regulation and ethics exam, that forms part of the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

Covering the same key learning outcomes as a BTS R01 revision workshop, the module takes you through the key exam knowledge required for an R01 pass. Each e-Learning module is split into a number of different courses, each course covering a separate learning outcome..

Key features of BTS e-Learning:

  • Personal login area for 24/7 access to your online e-Learning materials.
  • The system is fully mobile responsive, allowing you to learn on the go.
  • Introduction videos that tee up the learning and give you a roadmap to work along.
  • Interactive exercises and activities to break complex subjects down to individual steps.
  • Exam standard questions throughout to check your key exam knowledge.
  • End of topic tests with instant feedback so you can track your progress for each learning outcome and revisit areas as many times as you need.
  • A final specimen exam is included at the end of each module. The exam is marked by your device and feedback on each answer is given at the end of the exam. You can resit the exam as many times as you like and track your attempts.


A free sample of the R01 e-Learning Module is available in the Shop | Bespoke Training Solutions

To get the most out of the e-Learning experience, we recommend candidates work through a study guide first. The BTS R01 study guide is available to buy from the BTS shop Shop | Bespoke Training Solutions



Tasneem Mahmood | Trainee Adviser | March 2021

“Thank you for the brilliant R01 workshop BTS. It was so useful and I definitely feel I know more than before. I highly recommend the workshop for the R0s and definitely will be using it for the rest of the R0s.”

Rebecca Whitehead | Personal Assistant | January 2021

“I found the BTS R01 workshop very helpful, especially as it made R01 clearer by laying it out in a visual way which helped me to remember key information. The workshop was beneficial to me before taking my exam as the instructor gave important exam tips on how to tackle the hard questions and not be overwhelmed by the exam style. Many thanks again!”

Jonny Czopczyc | June 2021

“The BTS study guides and exam questions have really helped me. Before I had bought the CII handbooks and found they had too much jargon and information overload. But your courses cut out all the rubbish and focus on what we need to understand for the exams.”

Jack | R01 Workshop Attendee | July 2021

“I just thought you would like to know that I finally PASSED my R01 last week. It was my first resit following the 2-day course with you guys. I passed by 78% and finished with 25 minutes remaining. A MASSIVE thank you for all your expertise and knowledge you provided during the course. It was engaging and allowed me to focus my study in key learning areas. Following the course I downloaded the questions on the Study Buddy app. They were a massive help and so close to the questions in the exam. I will certainly be looking to book on to future courses and purchasing the study material you provide.”

Alan Buchan | Trainee Financial Adviser | August 2021 

“Using the BTS study guides for all my CII examinations has provided with me all-round comprehensive knowledge across the R0 units which has allowed me to pass my exams first time. I have tried using other providers but felt that BTS support materials give a much broader knowledge base from which to sit the exam. The exams have asked questions which are not always 100% in the syllabus, however with the subject matter within the BTS study guides these have provided me knowledge around the style of questions asked by the examining body. I have as a result passed R01 to R05 units first time.”

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