R02 Printed Study Guide 2021-22 Free PDF Sample (Part of Chapter 1)


"I am pleased to say that I sat my R03 exam yesterday and passed it for the first time. I have followed Luiza's podcast with Sam Oakes, posts on Linked In, messages on other candidates' successful exam posts, articles written for likes of Professional Paraplanner and via these it has been drilled into me that R03 is the toughest exam out of all of the R0's. Oh boy, BTS is not wrong! I have never felt so much exam time pressure! I did run out of time with two questions unanswered but I am surprised that I scored the highest mark (86%) in this exam out of R01, R02 and R04. I followed Jeff Scholes strategy in approaching R03 questions and it worked a treat. But you know what helped me the most? Your study buddy app. I downloaded both volumes and I found the app very useful. It is the best thing out there and it was the first time I used it and I am sure that I would not have got the mark I did if it wasn't for practising the exam style questions on the study buddy app. You have got this bang on mark. It helped me fly through the first 15 questions but CII's question style got complicated after this.

Thank you so much and I will definitely be using the study buddy app for R05."

Mohammed Din | Paraplanner | Mattioli Woods | July 2021


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  • This a free pdf sample of the printed study guide.
  • BTS R0 study guides are written as an aid to learning rather than technical guides. They contain diagrams, flow charts, exercises and practice tests to check your knowledge, all written in plain English.
  • The aim of the BTS study guides is to ‘start at the bottom’ and gradually increase your knowledge and understanding.
  • The guides are designed as full replacements for the CII text, so you can book the exam stand-alone.
  • They contain practice questions and a full specimen exam, all of which include rationale for the answers. BTS questions replicate the CII exam standard as closely as possible. So, when you sit the exam you should avoid a nasty surprise!

Don't just take our word for it: download a free pdf sample of the printed study guide to take a look.

If you would prefer a digital version of the BTS study guides, these are available as an alternative to the printed guides and can be purchased separately in the Shop | Bespoke Training Solutions