R06 Financial Planning Practice Case Study Analysis e-Learning Module (September 2021 exam sitting)

R06 Case Study Analysis


"I first encountered BTS when I was about to sit my R01 exam. I was fresh to financial services and every bit of knowledge I was learning was brand new. I found the BTS study guide easy to understand and digestible. As I worked through the guide, my knowledge increased. BTS hosted my training session and made the learning experience fun and used visual techniques and tons of examples to explain the theory and cement my understanding. I felt so much more confident walking out of the session then when I had walked in, and a week later I passed my R01 exam first time. As I progressed through my R0 exams, I came to rely on the BTS method and got through all of my R0 exams in just a few months. BTS make learning fun, accessible and they have a canny knack of honing in on the most important information you need. Thank you for all your support Team."

Caroline King | December 2020

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Purchasing this e-Learning module now will give you instant access to the full BTS analysis from the previous (July) sitting, plus the full BTS case study analysis for the September exam sitting!

What is the BTS R06 case study analysis e-Learning module like?

Presented in an e-Learning format, the module allows you to work through your R06 preparation systematically, with over 80 potential exam questions fully explored. More than just an analysis, the module guides you through the materials, a bit like having a BTS Associate working with you at your own pace. The following video from the April 2021 analysis gives you a preview of what to expect in the module:

The e-Learning module includes guidance on how to approach your preparation for the exam, together with information on the case studies and potential examination questions for each case study.

Also included are a series of graphical crib sheets covering the key technical areas relevant to the case studies.

The questions included are based on an analysis of the case studies and considerations of the types of questions that have been seen historically.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that these will match exactly the questions you will see in your exam, they are exam-standard, relate to the objectives stated in the case studies, and will provide a robust framework for you to practise your exam technique.

Enrolment term: 90 day access period