R06 Revision remote webinar workshop. 20th – 21st January 2021. (£400 plus VAT)


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The R06 remote workshop concentrates on the key exam techniques that are essential for an exam pass.

BTS will have analysed the two exam case studies prior to the workshop, and the two days will involve working through model questions and answers to practice key R06 exam techniques and technical knowledge. You will have the opportunity to ask and discuss questions in a group forum as well, to prepare for the R06 exam sitting as much as possible.

BTS do not know exactly which questions will be asked in your R06 sitting, but our R06 experience helps us to identify possible questions that we see asked regularly in the exam. That said, we cannot guarantee that we will have spotted all possible areas that may be examined!

Your facilitator will spend time using slides and a whiteboard to explain key concepts. They will also discuss exam-style questions and exam techniques.

BTS also suggest you that you order and work through our R06 study guide before attending the above workshop.

Just like any other CII R0, some self-study first is required. It is not just a question of attending a workshop and practising possible exam questions. Self-study across different technical areas is a must, to give you the best possible chance of a pass. BTS get the best R06 results where a combination of our R06 study guide followed up by a two day workshop is used.

To get the maximum benefit from this workshop, please make sure you have studied your preferred R06 study guide before you attend.

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Our guides provide a clear, visual way to study for regulated exams.

They help you develop the base knowledge and understanding required for an exam pass.

There is no need to purchase the examining body R0 study text, our BTS guides are a complete replacement.


BTS offer face to face and remote workshops, and 1:1 training.

Our training ensures candidates fully understand the concepts that lie behind each of the key learning outcomes.

BTS training can also help identify key syllabus areas that are more popular with the R0 examiner.


BTS e-learning is ideal for people who learn best using visual, online and interactive tools.

It allows you to work through your R0 studies at your own pace, with the BTS team behind you all the way.

BTS e-learning can again show you the key syllabus areas that are more popular with the R0 examiner.


The BTS R0 Study Buddy app replicates the CII exam standard as closely as possible.

Practise exam questions on your mobile device with fully explained answers.

The app allows you to complete full specimen exams and/or concentrate on a key learning outcome.

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