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  1. I think this is a very frustrating move by the CII. I have been lucky enough to use BTS training guides for R01 and R05, but had to use the CII book for LP2; the difference in my learning was drastic! The CII books are very technical and do not have any exercises in them to consolidate learning, which for me is a huge issue. I will have to think very hard on what to do when I reach R02 and R04; for me, these exams are possibly the trickiest, and to only have the CII book makes me quite nervous!

  2. I’d also suggest raising the matter with the FCA. The CII previously decided against packaging exams and learning content in the financial services space because the FSA were against this.

    Some other thoughts, raise with the CII’s Professional Standards Board and the PFS Board. Encourage customers who have gone through your training and are members of the PFS/CII to raise this with their local institute (provide a template communication they can use) as they in turn meet with CII Management formally several times a year so bring this up.

    You can find details of all of these on the CII website.

    1. Thanks Mel. This was important for customer choice. Let’s hope that they avoid making such quick decisions in the future.