What Are The R0 Exams?

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning is made up of six core modules, commonly referred to as the R0 exams.

BTS offer support for each R0 module and we love taking candidates through from R01, when they start their journey, to R06 when they finally achieve their CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. As the R0 exams are what we are all about, we thought it made sense to tell you a little more about each of them.

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R01 Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics

This introductory module enables candidates to achieve a broad understanding of the financial services industry, with a focus on regulation, legislation, and the Code of Ethics.

Exam format: 2-hour multiple choice exam

R02 Investment Principles and Risk

The focus here is to develop knowledge of different investment products so candidates can apply the investment advice process effectively.

Exam format: 2-hour multiple choice exam

R03 Personal Taxation

Tax is relevant to all aspects of financial planning. The aim of this module is to ensure candidates understand the UK tax system and can apply it to different financial advice scenarios.

Exam format: 1-hour multiple choice exam

R04 Pensions and Retirement Planning

This module will enable candidates to identify and analyse relevant pension and retirement planning considerations when they are delivering financial advice.

Exam format: 1-hour multiple choice exam

R05 Financial Protection

Protection lies at the core of all financial planning considerations, so this important module equips candidates with the knowledge they need to identify risks and work with clients to implement the right protection solutions for them.

Exam format: 1-hour multiple choice exam

R06 Financial Planning Practice

This is the final module needed to achieve the CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. It brings together all the knowledge gained throughout the previous modules. Candidates are expected to apply what they know to case studies to test the practical application of the technical knowledge they have learned.

Exam format: 3-hour written exam