How we help individuals

Studying with BTS gives you the choice of:

  • A wide variety of media to suit your learning style; hard copy or digital R0 study guides, interactive, exam-style e-Learning programmes, and the BTS app R0 Study Buddy that replicates the electronic exam experience via a smartphone or tablet
  • One to one coaching for those students that prefer a more bespoke approach tailored to their exact needs
  • Exam standard materials to increase your chases of a pass; BTS designers sit the R0 exams annually and regularly update our materials to ensure they remain fit for purpose
  • Highly qualified BTS Associates who can share knowledge, exam tips and strategies but in an enjoyable and motivational way
  • Structured and flexible learning options to suit your study plan

Routes to the Diploma qualification

Sam first came to BTS after grappling with the examining body’s study materials. He successfully achieved his diploma, self-funding his studies along side full-time work.

Sam Phillips, Business Development Consultant CN Goodall GmbH IFA

“When I started studying for RO1 I assumed that the CII guide was going to be the best / most helpful resource for the exam, as it’s their exam, therefore their material would bthe best to use surely. Nope!! I passed RO1 first time but despite studying the CII workbook extensively I felt as though I hadn’t seen a lot of the material the exam was asking about before. I then did the same for R04, I invested countless hours reading & working through the CII study guide and revision mate questions, to the point where I was extremely confident I’d pass the exam, only to once again feel as though I hadn’t seen any of the material before that the exam was actually asking questions about. I failed the exam this time.”

BTS says: It is not uncommon for learners to find BTS having first struggled with other study materials.

“I had been recommended BTS by a LinkedIn connection a couple of months earlier. So I reached out to Luiza on LinkedIn. I then bought the BTS RO4 guide, and both sets of questions for RO4 on their RO Study Buddy App. Two weeks later I passed R04 with 82% using only BTS material in that time, and paying the CII solely for an exam sitting. I then passed RO2, RO3 and R05 within four weeks of each other using only the BTS study guides and the BTS study buddy App. All with very respectable scores around.”

“I didn’t bother paying for any further CII materials after I’d done R04 with BTS. I then used the BTS case study analysis when revising for RO6 in October and it was extremely helpful, some of the practice questions were very similar to what came up in the exam and I wouldn’t have passed first time without it. If I hadn’t used BTS materials it would have either taken me two to three years (rather than the nine months it did take me) to get my level 4, or more likely, I’d have given up completely! I cannot recommend using BTS enough whilst studying for your CII Level 4. It is an absolute must in my opinion!”

BTS says: You absolutely do not have to purchase the examining body’s study materials when you book your exam. You can book the exam ‘stand-alone’ and then use BTS study materials to prepare for your exam.

E.g. via a full-time Academy Trainee Programme

E.g. studying with smaller firm, alongside your day job

E.g. via an Academy requiring an R01 pass before acceptance on the provider’s programme


Learner Case Study

Ruth Downs, Financial Adviser

"I've now completed R01, 2, 3, 4 & 5 with BTS and passed first time on all of them and on some getting 100%. The help they have given me both personally and professionally along my journey has been second to none. If ever I had a question outside of training it was promptly answered.

I used the study text, online training days and also the R0 Study Buddy app.

Going into the exam I can confidently say I couldn't have been any more prepared to the extent I actually brought forward my exam!"