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Specialists in training candidates for R0 exams leading to CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning

Bespoke Training Solutions specialise in supporting individuals through the CII Diploma in Financial Planning, more commonly known as the R0 exams.

We provide study guides, workshops, face to face training, online forums and our App, the BTS R0 Study Buddy, which are all designed to get students through the exam process with a pass.

Now taking bookings for 2018 R0 Face to Face Workshops. Use this link to find out more and to book a place.

R01 15th - 16th February 25th - 26th April 15th - 16th October
R02 5th - 6th March 10th - 11th May 25th - 26th October
R03 18th - 19th April 4th - 5th June 26th - 27th November
R04 8th - 9th March 14th - 15th June 26th - 27th November
R06 5th - 6th April LONDON
9th - 10th April BIRMINGHAM
11th - 12th April MANCHESTER
2nd - 3rd July 1st - 2nd October


Anyone studying for their R01, R02, R03, R04, R05 and R06 exams can benefit from our training solutions. Trainee advisers, paraplanners, administrators and managers indeed, anyone wanting to achieve their Level 4 Diploma enabling them to give financial advice, can achieve a first-time pass with Bespoke Training Solutions.

R06 WorkshopOur services are geared to one thing; an exam pass, and they are a proven winning formula. For instance, the R01 financial services regulation and ethics exam is challenging. It has a countrywide pass-rate of just over half of those that sit the exam, 57.01%. Bespoke Training Solutions pass-rates are around 100% for R01, R05 and R06 and in the 80-90% range for R02, R03 and R04 which are the hardest modules of the CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. These pass rates are for students who have used the BTS study guides and have benefited from some face to face training.

The Bespoke Training Solutions Study Guides are an effective alternative to the CII manuals. Our study guides are visual, making them easy for students to use and understand. The text is broken up with graphics, activities and exercises. The aim of the BTS study guides is to ‘start at the bottom’ and gradually increase your knowledge and understanding, so you learn the required areas of the R0 exams step by step. We start with the foundations and gradually work up from there.

We provide you with methods on how to deal with the wording of questions posed by the CII and go into greater detail on the chapters with larger exam weightings.

At the end of each chapter, we provide exam-style practice questions and answers. There is also a full specimen R0 mock exam at the end of each guide. These replicate the standard of the actual R0 exams as closely as possible, so not easier nor massively more difficult. All BTS answer sheets explain why the correct answer is the right one, so that you also learn from any mistakes that you make.

Our face to face training is tailored to your needs. We can offer a variety of options, from one-day revision sessions to full-blown two-day, or more, workshops. One-day revision events allow the focus to be on learner needs, based on their existing knowledge levels, and highlight key exam areas that are often examined. Full workshops cover more of the exam syllabus, allow more time to expand on areas learners may be having difficulty with and reduce the need for personal study in advance of the workshop.

The R01 through R06 exam forums allow you to contact Bespoke Training Solutions tutors online with any questions or queries before your exam sitting. You can also view previous posts including tutor answers. This will not only help your knowledge and understanding but will also allow you to benefit from questions that other students have asked.

BTS App on iPhoneOur app means you can also learn and revise wherever you are, and whenever you have time. The BTS R0 Study Buddy app is for smart phones and tablets and is a new way of practising for the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) R0 exams. It is perfect for anyone trying to pass R01 through to R05 and replicates the CII exam standard, as much as possible, in an electronic format. It mirrors the pressure you experience in a real exam, marks the paper for you and provides feedback on what you got wrong, and why. It compliments all the services Bespoke Training Solutions offer.

To find out more about all our training solutions contact us here.

"The revision materials are excellent and the sessions energetic and enjoyable. A must for anyone taking the RO1 exam."

Natalie Parnell - Business Development Manager, Amazon.

“I came away from the course feeling like I could handle the exam and was able to tackle the rest of my revision in a much more structured manner. Genuinely don’t think I could have passed first time without it!”

Izzy Johnson – Digital Marketing Specialist