AF8 Toolkit

AF8 Financial Planning Process

The objective of Retirement Income Planning (AF8) is to develop and demonstrate the advanced skills needed for advising on income planning to those in and approaching retirement.

At the end of this unit, candidates should be able to advise clients on income planning approaching and during retirement, including later life.

There are three written coursework assignments, each typically 2,000 to 3,000 words.

The BTS approach to passing AF8

BTS STEP Approach to Learning

The BTS resources provide a structured study path through the AF8 unit.

We follow a simple model based on our proven STEP approach to planning your study: Study | Train | e-Learn | Practise

Below you will find an overview of the BTS approach with details of how the BTS materials can be used to support your learning. Due to the coursework format of this unit, we do not produce a study guide or offer a workshop. Instead, we have an e-Learning module to guide you through your studies.

You set your own pace. The e-Learning allows you to focus on the things you find challenging.

What is the BTS AF8 e-Learning like?

The BTS AF8 e-Learning module is an online learning experience. It consists of:

  • background information on the AF8 exam,
  • information relating to how each assessment is structured and what to expect,
  • three guidance modules on how to approach each of the AF8 assignments,
  • frequently asked candidate questions with BTS answers.


Key features of BTS AF8 e-Learning:

  • Personal login area for 24/7 access to your online e-Learning materials.
  • The system is fully mobile responsive, allowing you to learn on the go.
  • Analysis of and key learns from CII AF8 exemplars.
  • Activities around assignment construction.

After self-study using the CII materials, the next step is to work through the BTS AF8 e-Learning module.

The module includes an introduction course which covers how this assignment-based exam works and how it should be approached (to the best of BTS’ experience).

Also included are three courses based on each of the three assignments.

Each course sets out the basis of each assignment, do’s and don’t in terms of style and layout, plus frequently asked candidate questions and BTS answers.

Use the links to useful documents that you should familiarise yourself with before attempting to create your own assignments.

Find suggestions on financial planning tools that could be useful when constructing assignments, such as asset allocation and risk assessment tools.

Our AF8 study plan has been designed to encourage and support your planning as you work through the AF8 unit.

BTS study plans show you how to:

  • break your unit of study down into manageable chunks
  • consider how to allocate your time
  • think about what additional resources you might need to support your learning

To view the full BTS study plan for AF8, you will need to create a free account on the BTS website. When you login you will have access to our Careers Zone, packed full of information and guidance to support your studies including study plans for every exam we support and online student-led forums so you can chat to others on the same journey.

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