Practise Using the BTS App

Practise Using the BTS App

Why use the R0 Study Buddy app?

Watch the following video for a virtual tour of the R0 Study Buddy app

What our learners say about the R0 Study Buddy app:

“I found the convenience of Study Buddy on my phone was a real boon. What I actually did was to write down the questions that I failed and for each one put a learning point below.
As I’m sure you can understand I was immensely relieved having pressed the submit button to more or less instantly receive a Pass notification. Thank you very much indeed for your help.”

Angus Mackenzie | Acumen Financial Planning | February 2022

“Using the BTS study guides for all my CII examinations has provided with me all-round comprehensive knowledge across the R0 units which has allowed me to pass my exams first time. I have tried using other providers but felt that BTS support materials give a much broader knowledge base from which to sit the exam. The exams have asked questions which are not always 100% in the syllabus, however with the subject matter within the BTS study guides these have provided me knowledge around the style of questions asked by the examining body. I have as a result passed R01 to R05 units first time. The BTS app R0 study buddy is an invaluable tool for practising exam style questions when preparing for the exam. It allows you to complete timed exams mirroring the actual exam experiences and also trains your mind to cope with the format of the questions asked (which can be very wordy and tricky!) If any topic within one of the R01 to R05 units is proving particularly difficult the BTs eLearning programmes or a one-to-one session can help explain the subject matter and clear any issues with a more one to one, focused style of learning. In summary BTS have a vast array of R01 to R06 learning support options. These have helped me massively in passing my exams first time. Thank you BTS!”

Alan Buchan | Trainee Financial Adviser | August 2021 

“I just thought you would like to know that I finally PASSED my R01 last week. It was my first resit following the 2-day course with you guys. I passed by 78% and finished with 25 minutes remaining. A MASSIVE thank you for all your expertise and knowledge you provided during the course. It was engaging and allowed me to focus my study in key learning areas. Following the course I downloaded the questions on the Study Buddy app. They were a massive help and so close to the questions in the exam. I will certainly be looking to book on to future courses and purchasing the study material you provide.”

Jack | R01 Workshop Attendee | July 2021

“I am so pleased that I passed R04 over the weekend! I could not recommend enough the Bespoke Training Solutions Study Guide, Workshop and App! They give you all of the information & the tools you need to know to pass R04 in a way that is actually memorable and easy to digest! Now on to R06 and the last push to become Diploma qualified!”

Amy McGeorge | Paraplanner | March 2021

“Very pleased to be half way through my Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. For anyone currently studying towards their R0 exams, definitely consider Bespoke Training Solutions Ltd Study Guides and Study Buddy App, they make the course content far easier to digest! R03 was a really tough exam, lots of calculations and tight for time, but I never would have achieved the mark I did without these extra resources.”

Caroline Lawton | Paraplanner | March 2021

“I am pleased to say that I sat my R03 exam yesterday and passed it for the first time. I have followed Luiza’s podcast with Sam Oakes, posts on Linked In, messages on other candidates’ successful exam posts, articles written for likes of Professional Paraplanner and via these it has been drilled into me that R03 is the toughest exam out of all of the R0’s. Oh boy, BTS is not wrong! I have never felt so much exam time pressure! I did run out of time with two questions unanswered but I am surprised that I scored the highest mark (86%) in this exam out of R01, R02 and R04. I followed Jeff Scholes strategy in approaching R03 questions and it worked a treat. But you know what helped me the most? Your study buddy app. I downloaded both volumes and I found the app very useful. It is the best thing out there and it was the first time I used it and I am sure that I would not have got the mark I did if it wasn’t for practising the exam style questions on the study buddy app. You have got this bang on mark. It helped me fly through the first 15 questions but CII’s question style got complicated after this.

Thank you so much and I will definitely be using the study buddy app for R05.”

Mohammed Din | Paraplanner | Mattioli Woods | July 2021