Study Using the BTS Study Guides

Study Using the BTS Study Guides

Where do BTS study guides fit into your study plan?

Using a BTS study guide is the first step in the BTS study plan. Our guides are a complete replacement for the examining body textbook. One of the main differences with the BTS version is that it brings the subject matter to life as much as is possible! It is packed full of exam-relevant content and questions, with a thread of BTS humour weaved throughout as well. 

After working through a study guide, we recommend candidates either attend a workshop, or use a BTS e-Learning module to revise the heaviest weighted learning outcomes on the exam.

Why choose a BTS Study Guide?

A free sample of both digital and printed formats is available in the shop, so you can 'try before you buy'.

What our learners say about BTS Study Guides:

“Without the Study Guide, Study Buddy and especially the 2 day course I don’t think I would have passed. The CII official book is full of text and the revisionmate resources are no way near as good or useful as BTS Resources.”

Ben | R02 Candidate | February 2022

“Using the BTS study guides for all my CII examinations has provided with me all-round comprehensive knowledge across the R0 units which has allowed me to pass my exams first time. I have tried using other providers but felt that BTS support materials give a much broader knowledge base from which to sit the exam. The exams have asked questions which are not always 100% in the syllabus, however with the subject matter within the BTS study guides these have provided me knowledge around the style of questions asked by the examining body. I have as a result passed R01 to R05 units first time. The BTS app R0 study buddy is an invaluable tool for practising exam style questions when preparing for the exam. It allows you to complete timed exams mirroring the actual exam experiences and also trains your mind to cope with the format of the questions asked (which can be very wordy and tricky!) If any topic within one of the R01 to R05 units is proving particularly difficult the BTs eLearning programmes or a one-to-one session can help explain the subject matter and clear any issues with a more one to one, focused style of learning. In summary BTS have a vast array of R01 to R06 learning support options. These have helped me massively in passing my exams first time. Thank you BTS!”

Alan Buchan | Trainee Financial Adviser | August 2021 

“I am so pleased that I passed R04 over the weekend! I could not recommend enough the Bespoke Training Solutions Study Guide, Workshop and App! They give you all of the information & the tools you need to know to pass R04 in a way that is actually memorable and easy to digest! Now on to R06 and the last push to become Diploma qualified!”

Amy McGeorge | Paraplanner | March 2021