BTS has just run an RO6 Integrated Financial Planning workshop prior to the RO6 exam for one of its large accountancy and financial services clients. This involved 15 students who are all working full time in an advice checking role within the organisation.

As the results for RO6 take 6 weeks to arrive due to the hand marking nature of this exam we cannot share any results yet, but this feedback from some of these students as to how they felt the RO6 exam went and how well prepared they felt they were is worth a read.

Three study days with BTS offered in-depth knowledge and the technical skill required to achieve a solid result in this exam. BTS not only offered quality tuition but with additional study resources that proved to be in valuable. I have trained with BTS for each module of the QCF4 and have passed each exam on its first sitting, I guarantee this would not have been achieved without the support of BTS."

Alexander Howcroft | Managed Services Associate | Financial Services

The BTS R06 workshops ensured ahead of the exam that I was able to answer the different style of questions asked appropriately. The areas that were likely to come up were identified by BTS and there were no big shocks in the exam. They also assisted in making that I honed my technical knowledge in the right areas. Overall they were a great help."

Nicole Pegg | Associate | Managed Services

The BTS team provided a solid foundation in both the technical side of the RO6 exam, and the variety of the styles of questions asked within the paper.  This provided valuable insight into how to best use my revision time, and also meant that I walked into the exam feeling that I knew what styles of questions to expect!"

Cheryl Rowley | Managed Services Associate | Financial Services

"Workshops from BTS have been incredibly beneficial for my learning, and particularly helped during my preparation for the R06 exam. The workshops helped me to better understand the main focus areas within the case studies, and Luiza’s tuition helped massively in refreshing previously studied areas from previous exams and modules. All in all I felt very well prepared for the exam following workshops and felt confident going into the exam."

Kristian Murphy | Managed Services Associate | Financial Services