R05 Specimen Exams Set 2020-2021

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R05 Specimen Exams Set 2020-2021

Course Access: 90 days access
Course Overview

This specimen exam set contains four unique R05 exam papers.

Just like the real R05 exam, each paper contains 50 multiple-choice questions.

The exam is to be completed online, selecting your responses from the options presented on each question screen. You can flag questions you wish to come back to and review your answer before submitting them. Your paper will be marked automatically when you submit your finished attempt. Feedback is instant, telling you which questions you answered correctly/incorrectly and providing feedback on why the answers are correct.

You can re-sit each exam paper as many times as you like.

Each paper can be sat as either a timed or an untimed exam.  We suggest you attempt a timed paper to replicate the real time pressures of an exam situation, then review the untimed version to allow you to check how long it would take you to complete all the questions of the paper.

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