“Having recently sat (and passed) my AF1 exam, I’m not sure I could have done it without the BTS study guide. The guide was incredibly informative and broke different topics down into a nice, user-friendly manner. In addition, the guide was very helpful at illustrating how questions should be answered in terms of both content and structure. One thing I particularly liked about the BTS study guide is that it was very interactive – each topic would have questions and answers throughout which helped to consolidate your knowledge on the area you were just learning about. These would also build on top of each other so that you could see how different elements of tax planning interacted with others. Overall, I am very pleased with the study guide provided and I look forward to using them again for my next exam.”

- Ashleigh Thomasson

“I liked the fact that BTS had broken their course down into sections focussing on each AF8 assignment, so whether you were identifying strengths and weaknesses in A1, suggesting changes pre-retirement in A2 or recommending an income strategy in A3, BTS were able to give very clear pointers around what sort of things to include within each assignment, without falling foul of CII’s plagiarism & collusion rules. It also meant that each section of the course was relevant and specifically aimed towards the assignment I was working on at the time, rather than just regurgitating the same information like you sometimes see with online courses. I essentially used the BTS course as a checklist when reading back through each of my assignments, and once I was happy that I’d covered every pointer that BTS provided, I then submitted the assignment to the CII. Both assignments came back with a pass grade, so BTS’s pointers clearly work!

Many thanks for BTS’s help with me getting AF8 over the line. I’m pretty sure I would be facing a full re-sit without your help, and I would highly recommend BTS’s AF8 course if anyone is looking for that extra bit of help in getting through this tricky advanced diploma unit.”

- Luke Mapley
Financial Adviser
Gower Financial Services

Just completed reading the BTS AF4 study guide. I cracked on with it as soon as I received it. What a book! I have got my monies worth. I have already spent a fair whack on other materials which have been useful to help me with this extremely difficult unit and by far the money I have spent on this book has been well worth it. The author(s) of this book is/are genius. I love how you have explained some of the themes so clearly. I love how the guide is written, as if I am sat in front of you and you are explaining it to me. I am far more confident now thanks to your study guide.

- AF4 Candidate 2023

I’m pleased to say I sat my R03 exam yesterday for the first time & passed! Your Study Buddy App helped me the most, I downloaded both volumes and it’s the best thing out there. I wouldn’t have got the mark I did if it wasn’t for practising the exam style questions on the Study Buddy App.

- Mohammed Din
Mattioli Woods

I enjoyed the R01 workshop because all the learners could interact in the workshop – and we could jump in and ask questions at any point. The BTS R01 Workshop was valuable because it gave a wholesome overview of R01 over the two days and it was not too packed with lots of information and each section became more clarified. Many thanks again!

- Rebecca Whitehead

When I set out to tackle AF7, after receiving the CII study guide, I couldn’t get motivated. It was so uninviting & dry. I saw Luiza ask if anyone was interested in AF7 support when it was launched. The exam style questions covered subjects from all parts of the syllabus & the answers were in a clear, concise format. They helped push me over the line & I’m delighted to say I passed first time. I highly recommend this route & will use them for any future exams. I’m sure the AF7 study guide when launched will be a game changer.

- Nicole Crosbie
Moran Wealth Managament Ltd