AF7 2022-2023 Case Study e-Learning Module

AF7 Pension Transfers e-Learning Module

The BTS AF7 Pension transfers e-Learning module is an online learning experience. It consists of five unique case studies, each with a full set of specimen exam questions and model answers. The module is designed to be worked through as a series of mock papers, attempting your own answer before self-marking using our marking grid. […]

R01 2022-2023 e-Learning Module

R01 | e-Learning Module

What Is BTS E-Learning? e-Learning forms part of the BTS STEP approach to R0 exam success. To get the most out of the e-Learning experience, we recommend candidates first complete their own self study, using a BTS study guide. The R01 Financial services, regulation and ethics e-Learning module is an interactive, online learning experience designed […]