R02 2022-2023 Touchpoint Webinars

Welcome to the R02 2022-2023 Touchpoint webinars.  These 5 sets of slides are used in the Bespoke Training Solutions (BTS) R02 webinars and give a taster of the types of questions that are within the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) R02 bank. Each webinar covers the following learning outcomes: Webinar 1: L01:  The characteristics, inherent risks, […]

R02 2022-2023 Specimen Exams Set

R02 specimen exam set

This specimen exam set contains four unique R02 exam papers. Just like the real R02 exam, each paper contains 100 multiple-choice questions. The exam is to be completed online, selecting your responses from the options presented on each question screen. You can flag questions you wish to come back to and review your answer before […]