R03 2022-2023 Touchpoint Webinars

R03 webinars

Welcome to the R03 2022-2023 Touchpoint webinars.  These 5 sets of slides are used in the Bespoke Training Solutions (BTS) R03 webinars and give a taster of the types of questions that are within the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) R03 bank. Each webinar covers the following learning outcomes: Webinar 1: Income Tax and National Insurance […]

R03 2022-2023 Specimen Exams Set

R03 specimen exam set

This specimen exam set contains four unique R03 exam papers. Just like the real R03 exam, each paper contains 50 multiple-choice questions, 11 of which require a multi-response answer. The exam is to be completed online, selecting your responses from the options presented on each question screen. You can flag questions you wish to come […]