R06 July 2022 Case Study Analysis

R06 case study analysis

Welcome to the BTS learning materials for the case studies for the July 2022 sitting of the R06 exam. We have included guidance on how to approach your preparation for the exam, together with information on the case studies and potential examination questions for each case study. The questions are based on an analysis of […]

R06 2022-2023 Sample of Digital Study Guide

R06 Study Guide

Access Duration: 120 day enrolment period. This a free sample of the digital study guide. BTS R0 study guides are available in a choice of two formats: printed or digital. The content is the same for both versions, the choice depends on which works best for you. All BTS study guides are written in a […]

R06 2022-2023 Digital Study Guide

R06 study guide

The first Step in your R06 preparation is to work through the BTS R06 study guide. This guide will get you started on the right exam track in terms of your question answering techniques. This study guide introduces you to key techniques and mnemonics to help answer the questions in a way the CII R06 […]