R06 Exam Preparation Workshop | 21st & 22nd September 2023

R06 Exam Preparation Workshop | 21st & 22nd September 2023

BTS R06 Exam Preparation Workshop Plus Case Study Analysis e-Learning Module

About the workshop

Delivered on Zoom. Places are limited.

The BTS R06 exam workshop concentrates on the key exam techniques that are essential for an exam pass.

The two-day workshop will run 9:30am – 4:30pm each day.

The workshop is scheduled for the week following the release of the R06 exam case studies. BTS will have analysed the two exam case studies prior to the workshop and the two days will involve working through possible questions and answers to practice the key R06 exam techniques and technical knowledge, specifically focused on the facts contained in the case studies. Our workshops are scheduled two weeks before the exam date, giving you the maximum time to study for your sitting.

Facilitated by a BTS R06 expert, you will have the opportunity to ask and discuss questions in a group forum as well, to help you prepare for your R06 exam sitting as much as possible.

What else is included?

Study support

When you sign up to attend a BTS R06 exam preparation workshop, you will receive regular guidance in the lead up to your workshop date. Log in to your BTS account and head over to the BTS Careers Zone to get access to:

    • A detailed R06 study plan
    • A forum dedicated to R06 where you can chat to other exam candidates
    • A free 1-hr ‘kick-off’ webinar – register to attend the live session using the link in the R06 forum


e-Learning materials

Your exam support doesn’t stop when the workshop ends. BTS R06 exam workshop attendees receive access to the Case Study Analysis e-Learning module as part of the workshop booking fee, so you do not need to purchase this separately.

Access to the e-Learning module will be given to you as soon as your workshop booking is confirmed by the Support Team. The e-Learning module will be added to the My Courses section of your account.

The e-Learning module is packed full of as many possible R06 exam questions that the BTS technical team can think of! We spend four full days following the release of the case studies developing our analysis. This usually results in over 80 potential exam questions, all of which are included in the case study analysis e-Learning module. Every question includes a suggested answer with fully explained rationale and discussion points. Technical crib sheets are included, so you can revise key technical knowledge as you work through the module.


Recommended prior learning

We also suggest you that you order and work through the BTS R06 study guide before attending this workshop.

Just like any other CII R0, some self-study first is required. It is not just a question of attending a workshop and practising possible exam questions. Self-study across different technical areas is a must, to give you the best possible chance of a pass. BTS get the best R06 results where a combination of our R06 study guide followed up by a two-day workshop is used.

Order your copy of the BTS R06 Study Guide here.

To get the maximum benefit from this workshop, please make sure you have studied your preferred R06 study guide before you attend.


Cancellation Policy:

The viability of a workshop is based on minimum delegate numbers. If you need to cancel your space, please let us know in writing as soon as possible and no later than one week prior to the start date. Cancellations after this point will not be refunded unless a replacement delegate can be found, as this would impact on the course for your fellow delegates. For a combined product, such as a workshop that includes an e-Learning module as part of the package, we may reduce your refund by the cost of the e-Learning module once you have started using it. If a candidate cancels their R06 workshop space and they have started to use the e-Learning analysis, we have the right to reduce your refund by £119 +VAT.

If BTS cancels the workshop, the cost of attending the workshop will be refunded.


Paid Event


LOCATION:Online Zoom
DATE :2023-09-21
START/END TIME:09:30 - 16:30

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