R0 Study Buddy FAQs and Video Tutorial

R0 Study Buddy FAQs and Video Tutorial

On this page you’ll see examples of the questions that we have received about the R0 Study Buddy app, the App Stores, and how to troubleshoot certain issues.

We hope the following will help resolve any problems, but if  you’ve found an issue and aren’t sure how to solve it please contact us and the BTS support team will help you.

If this is the first time you have used R0 Study Buddy, scroll down to watch our short video tutorial.

We are here to help, and to make sure that your exam preparation goes as smoothly as possible.

The BTS Team

R0 Study Buddy is a mobile app which allows you to practise exam-standard questions for the multiple choice R0 papers.

R0 Study Buddy is available to download on your mobile device from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Search for “R0 Study Buddy”.

Each volume of R0 exam questions contains four times the number of questions on the real CII paper. 

For R01 and R02, each volume contains 400 questions.

For R03, R04 and R05, each volumes contains 200 questions.

We have provided two volumes of questions for each R0 exam because some candidates find practising as many exam questions as possible is a great way to prepare for the exam. Two volumes gives you twice as many questions to practise on. There is no difference in difficulty between the two volumes.

One volume of R0 exam questions costs £49.99 for 120 days access.

Many of the specimen questions available on the market are not exam standard, some are either far too easy or far too difficult. The experts at BTS sit the R0 exams every year to make sure our exam questions are as close to the real thing as we can get them. This means you can be confident that the questions in the R0 Study Buddy are as close to exam-standard as they can be.

Each volume of R0 exam questions contains enough questions for four unique exam papers. 

The app has two main functions; you can choose to sit a full exam paper in either timed or untimed conditions, or you can ask the app to show you all questions relating to a chosen learning outcome.

Each time you ask the app to generate a full paper, the questions will be selected from the question bank to show you a different selection each time, so you see some questions you have seen before and some new ones.

Every question in the app includes an explanation of the correct answer, so you can learn even when you get the answer wrong.

You can flag questions that you are unsure of and return to them when you have finished the rest of the paper, replicating the CII exam experience.

Your attempts can be saved so you can review your progress.

Practising exam-standard questions will help you to identify your strengths and gaps in your knowledge.

When you download R0 Study Buddy to your device, you can view 10 sample R01 questions. This will give you an idea of how the app works, the style of the questions, and the way the rationales for the answers are given.

How to use R0 Study Buddy to improve your chance of exam success

This short video tutorial explains how to download, log in and purchase exams in the R0 Study Buddy App. We also explain how to use the different functions within the app to improve your exam technique.