One area that is often overlooked when it comes to the R06 exam is exam technique...

… and then applying that to the relevant knowledge areas.


An R06 exam pass is usually achieved with:

  • Good all-round technical knowledge of the subjects contained in R01 through R05
  • Understanding, analysing and practising potential questions that could come up
  • Using the right question-answering techniques in the exam

BTS are working closely with Brand Financial Training to allow students have access to a wide range of support options when preparing for this tough exam.

Brand Financial Training offer their hugely popular analysis, which can be purchased HERE. It provides a full analysis of the R06 case studies issued by the CII, types of questions that could come up, generic questions that could be asked, past paper analysis and an email support day.

The BTS Workshop will help with:

  • identifying and explaining key question-answering techniques required to achieve an exam pass, an area which is often underestimated in this time-intensive exam
  • practising the right techniques with a selection of exam-style questions based on the exam case studies
  • providing a forum to discuss and share ideas, ask questions, and obtain clarification from the BTS facilitator and other students in the same position as you

Attending the two-day R06 workshop usually costs £335 + VAT per person, but if you email BTS at to book, rather than booking by the BTS website, and quote code BraR0610, you will receive a £10 + VAT discountthis is exclusive to customers of Brand Financial Training.

The BTS R06 workshop concentrates on the key exam techniques that are essential for an exam pass. It will involve working through a selection of model questions and answers to practice your R06 exam techniques and focus your technical knowledge. You will have the opportunity to ask and discuss questions in a group forum as well, to prepare for the R06 exam sitting as much as possible.

Your facilitator will spend time using slides and a flipchart to explain key concepts. They will also discuss exam-style questions and exam techniques.

Please remember that neither BTS nor Brand Financial Training know exactly which questions will be asked in your R06 exam. Both companies use their extensive exam experience to produce possible questions and answers, but neither can cover every single question and answer that may come up.

You won't receive a full analysis of the possible questions and answers for the two case studies on the workshop. That is what the Brand Financial Training analysis provides.

BTS also suggest you that you order and work through their R06 Study Guide before attending the above workshop.  Just like any other CII R0, some self-study first is required. It is not just a question of attending a workshop and practising possible exam questions. Self-study across different technical areas is a must, to give you the best possible chance of a pass.

Your best possible chance of exam success is likely to be by following a three pronged approach. First, order and work through the BTS R06 study guide, then attend a two day face to face workshop, and finally, order and work through the Brand Financial Training analysis of possible questions and answers based on the two exam case studies.