From 1st September 2022 the CII will begin to examine the 22/23 syllabi. 21/22 materials will remain valid for all exams up to and including 31st August 2022. 22/23 materials will be added to the BTS shop throughout July 2022. BTS would like to reassure candidates purchasing 21/22 materials after 1st June 2022 that they will have the option to receive, upon request, a digital version of the updated 22/23 materials. See Terms & Conditions of Supply for full details.

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R04 Pensions and retirement planning – Printed Study Guide 2022-2023 Exam Year


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The BTS R04 study guide is a complete replacement for the examining body guide.

It is based on the same syllabus and learning outcomes however it includes many activities, practice questions and examples which bring the subject matter alive and ensure your learning is relevant to your exam.

BTS R0 study guides are available in a choice of two formats: printed or digital. The content is the same for both versions, the choice depends on which works best for you.

  • All BTS study guides are written in a way that starts at the beginning of each learning outcome and gradually builds knowledge and understanding as you work through the guide. This means that you learn the required areas for your exam ‘step by step’.
  • The printed format is designed for people who learn best using physical, paper materials and like to highlight sections and make notes on their study materials.
  • The guides are designed as full replacements for the CII text, so you can book the exam stand-alone.
  • They contain practice questions, end of chapter tests and a full specimen exam, all of which include rationale for the answers. BTS questions replicate the CII exam standard as closely as possible. So, when you sit the exam you should avoid a nasty surprise!


If you would prefer a digital version of the BTS study guides, these are available as an alternative to the printed guides and can be purchased separately in the Shop | Bespoke Training Solutions

Free samples of both formats are available in the shop, so you can ‘try before you buy’.

Delivery information: We use a courier to deliver your study materials and you will receive a delivery notification as soon as your order has been completed. Delivery is usually within two working days, however please allow up to five working days in exceptional circumstances.


Zoe Pass | Paraplanner | March 2021

“I couldn’t recommend BTS enough! This was my first ever workshop with Luiza and I honestly found it so engaging and informative. The two days flew by and we managed to cover so much. It really has helped to cement things for me and I’m feeling so much more confident about my exam next week! Luiza is really friendly and approachable – she answered all 101 of my questions 🤣 Definitely going to use BTS for future exams.”

Amy McGeorge | Paraplanner | March 2021

“I am so pleased that I passed R04 over the weekend! I could not recommend enough the Bespoke Training Solutions Study Guide, Workshop and App! They give you all of the information & the tools you need to know to pass R04 in a way that is actually memorable and easy to digest! Now on to R06 and the last push to become Diploma qualified!”

Sonny Booth | Financial Adviser | June 2021

“The study guide allowed me to learn and study the Learning Outcomes in an easier, more linear fashion than the CII textbook which made understanding the text a breeze in comparison, due to a busy schedule this also made studying more efficient and time effective. Thanks for the assistance BTS, now on to R02!”

Alan Buchan | Trainee Financial Adviser | August 2021 

“Using the BTS study guides for all my CII examinations has provided with me all-round comprehensive knowledge across the R0 units which has allowed me to pass my exams first time. I have tried using other providers but felt that BTS support materials give a much broader knowledge base from which to sit the exam. The exams have asked questions which are not always 100% in the syllabus, however with the subject matter within the BTS study guides these have provided me knowledge around the style of questions asked by the examining body. I have as a result passed R01 to R05 units first time.”

Sarojini Udayachandran | Academy Trainee Adviser | May 2021

“I am so pleased to have passed my R04 exam today first time round. 5 down 1 more to go now! The credit really goes to Bespoke Training Solutions Ltd. I connected with Luiza on an off chance last year when I had deferred success in my tax exam and she recommended the R0 study app a week prior to my exam coupled with some useful hints and tips. My initial thoughts were when I came off the call with Luiza was that she came across so passionate and genuine!  The company I work for has now partnered up with BTS to support us with our R0 journey.”

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