AF7 Pension Transfers

AF7 Pension Transfers
AF7 pension transfers

AF7 Pension Transfers

The AF7 Pension transfers unit is a level 6 exam and is one of the optional units on the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning.

It’s an exam that focusses on specialist knowledge of the advice process for pension transfers, which is a fairly complex areas of advice. It is a 2-hour exam comprising of 3-4 written short answer questions worth a total of 32 marks and 2 case study based questions worth a total of 68 marks. With a 2021 pass rate of 56% it is a tricky exam requiring a critical appraisal of the financial planning options available.

Exam format: 2-hour written exam

ExamRecommended study hoursCreditsPass markNational pass rate (2021)
AF7 Pension Transfers1002060%56%

Examiner's reports from previous sittings:

BTS AF7 Study Toolkit

Passing AF7 needs a very focused approach when it comes to your study plan. This is a challenging exam with a narrow syllabus, which means candidate knowledge levels and their ability to apply this knowledge to short answer questions and case studies needs to be good. Last minute cramming will generally not result in an exam pass – a ‘little and often’ approach is recommended, as always with any advanced exam.

The BTS AF7 study plan has four steps to it; the aim being to set you up for first time exam success.

  • First, we recommend candidates order and work through our study guide.
    • This gradually walks you through the exam syllabus and helps improve your exam relevant technical knowledge.
    • It will also teach you how to approach different styles of exam question in order to answer the question being asked to maximise marks achieved.

  • The next step is to work through the AF7 e-Learning module.
    • This is based on five exam style case studies.
    • We would suggest you complete each one in exam style conditions
    • Model answers and BTS Hints and Tips are provided for each question.

  • The next step in your study plan is to complete in exam conditions and self-mark as many past CII AF7 papers as you can.
    • This again gets you practising the key question-answering techniques that you have learned from the study guide.
    • This also highlights technical areas that still need some work.

Finally, we would suggest you attend a revision workshop for some last minute technical and question styles input.

  • BTS run a remote one-day workshop usually a couple of week before the exam date.
    • This day will act as a refresher on some of the technical areas that may be examined.
    • We will discuss different possible question styles and how to approach them.
    • Workshop handouts will include relevant process / technical crib sheets that are notoriously difficult to retain. These will help with last minute key technical revision.

The BTS AF7 study guide is currently in development with an anticipated publishing date in Q4 2022.

It is designed as a complete replacement for the CII study text. It has been written to gradually walk you through the exam syllabus, building your technical knowledge of the pension transfers advice process. It will teach you the foundations of the correct question answering techniques, which are so important to achieve a first-time exam pass.

AF7 Pension transfers – Printed Study Guide

AF7 Pension transfers – Digital Study Guide

e-Learn & Practise

The BTS AF7 e-Learning module consists of five unique case studies, each with a full set of specimen exam questions and model answers. The module is designed to be worked through as a series of mock papers, attempting your own answer before self-marking using our marking grid. A clear rationale is provided for each answer so you can learn as you go. 

We include hints and tips after each question debrief, plus include relevant crib sheets on possible technical areas that could be examined.

BTS AF7 designers sit the exam every year to keep their knowledge of the question styles as up to date and relevant as possible.

AF7 Pension transfers – Case Study e-Learning Module

BTS run remote two-day workshops for candidates sitting the AF7 exam.

Day one of the workshop refreshes some of the key technical areas examined on the paper, with a focus on COBS rules.

Day two focuses on specimen exam questions and model answers so you can understand what the CII examiner is looking for. You will have the opportunity to ask and discuss questions in a group forum as well, to prepare for the AF7 exam sitting as much as possible.

You will receive a set of digital materials including three mock case studies, specimen questions and answer feedback. Plus, a selection of technical crib sheets to organise your learning.

Click here to access the current schedule of AF7 support workshops

Insights, help and advice for AF7

Below, you will find a range of recent articles providing insights, help and advice for this exam, we hope you find these useful. Remember if you have any questions on your journey feel free to get in touch with the BTS support team.