AF8 Retirement income planning

AF8 Retirement income planning
AF8 retirement income planning

AF8 Retirement income planning

The AF8 Retirement Income Planning unit is designed to develop and demonstrate the advanced skills needed for advising on income planning to those in and approaching retirement. It focuses on the main areas of the advice process in the current retirement planning landscape.

The unit is assessed by means of three weitten assignments, each around 2,000 to 3,000 words.

Assessment format: 3 written assignments

ExamRecommended study hoursCreditsPass markNational pass rate (2021)
AF8 Retirement income planning1503050%75.3%

Useful downloads:

BTS AF8 Study Toolkit

The CII recommendation is 150 hours of study time in relation to AF8, however this is only an indication of how long it may take.

Candidate unit enrolment lasts for 12 months and all assignments must be submitted and passed within that time.

All three AF8 assignments are based on the same fact find details. This fact find is available during the entire 12 month enrolment period. You can log in at any time and see this fact find and all its details in RevisionMate. Once you have enrolled onto this unit the relevant fact find will appear and stay in your RevisionMate account for a 12 month period.

Passing AF8 needs a different approach when it comes to your study plan. This is a challenging unit because it is based around three assignments that must be constructed, submitted, marked, and passed within a 12-month period. There is little examining body guidance around what good looks like, due to the perils of plagiarising.

The BTS AF8 study plan aims to set you up for first time exam success.

  • First, we recommend candidates work through a study guide. The CII AF8 Study Guide is a compulsory purchase in this unit. As a result, BTS have not designed their own version.  BTS cannot comment on other providers materials, however we would suggest this is where candidates start their study plan.
  • After self-study, the next step is to work through the BTS AF8 e-Learning module.
    • This is based on an introduction module which covers how this assignment-based exam works and how it should be approached (to the best of BTS’ experience).
    • There are three modules based on each of the three assignments.
    • Each module sets out the basis of each assignment, do’s and don’t in terms of style and layout, plus frequently asked candidate questions and BTS answers.

The BTS AF8 e-Learning module is an online learning experience. It consists of:

  • background information on the AF8 exam,
  • information relating to how assessment is structured and what to expect,
  • links to useful documents that you should familiarise yourself with before attempting to create your own assignments,
  • three guidance modules on how to approach each of the AF8 assignments,
  • BTS Hints and Tips.

AF8 Retirement income planning e-Learning Module