R04 Learner Journeys

Ruth's R04 winning formula

"I've been with BTS right from the start of my financial adviser journey. I've now completed R01,2,3,4 & 5 with BTS and passed first time on all of them and on some getting 100%. The help they have given me both personally and professionally along my journey has been second to none. If ever I had a question outside of training it was promptly answered.

Regarding R04 Pension and retirement planning I used the BTS 3 pronged approach, I used their study text, online training days and also their study buddy app.

I knew this exam was going to be a tough one to pass as the amount of information you need to learn is significant. You need to know a little about an awful lot and it is hard to know on which areas to focus. The BTS book not only helped simplify all the complex information for me but also backed them up with examples in a fun and memorable way.

The training days also help you to explore any areas of uncertainty you might have by asking specific questions.

I backed all this learning up by buying the BTS study buddy question bank. This allowed me to test myself along the way on each chapter and my learning.

Going into the exam I can confidently say I couldn't have been any more prepared to the extent I actually brought forward my exam! BTS helped me to practice what a CII question was asking and to realise the areas to disregard.

Thank you so much BTS and your team for all you've helped me with."
Ruth Downs
Financial Adviser