R04 Learner Journeys

Kelly's journey to R04 success

"Anyone starting their RO4 pension journey will 100% need BTS. When it comes to pensions there is a mountain of rules to remember. There are old rules, new rules, more rules and so many dates! Again BTS pulled it out of the bag as the study guide and study buddy APP made what is difficult text to remember, memorable. The guide was easy to use with key information spots and end of chapter tests.

I also attended workshops with Luiza which were invaluable. The workshops were full of ways to help me to remember the material but more importantly how to apply this knowledge.

During the exam I could hear Luiza’ voice in my head telling me why and drawing her infamous grids. The workshops helped me to enjoy pension knowledge and they were a safe place to ask those daft questions whilst having a few giggles along the way. Luiza has an energy and enthusiasm about pensions that rivals no other even if zoom was our classroom.

The combination of the BTS guide, study buddy APP and workshops were invaluable preparation for my exam resulting in a PASS first time result. I have one exam remaining to complete my diploma and I know what my game plan will be = BTS all the way!"
Kelly Davenport
Financial Adviser Schroders Personal Wealth