R06 Learner Journeys

Vicki's road to an R06 first-time exam pass

"My R06 journey began very much like all my other R0 journeys - with mild panic! Knowing that R06 is a completely different style of exam just added a new layer of stress on top. I took a breath and did the sensible things and emailed Luiza at Bespoke Training Solutions. Within 5 minutes, Luiza had picked up the phone and walked me through how I was going to get to the exam, sit it and pass it - because with Bespoke Training Solutions, your success is their success and I have always been bolstered with the knowledge that the guys at Bespoke are there behind you, at the end of an email or phone call.

Luiza helped me prepare myself, pointing me in the direction of past exam papers and how best to approach this totally different style of exam, which is as much about technique as knowledge, keeping your nerve and picking up as many marks as possible along the way.

My study guide arrived really quickly after ordering it, and as usual, it was written in plain English with really relatable examples and broken down into manageable chunks, which helped me fit in study around work and a really busy family life. Learning the mnemonics and exam technique tips really helped to boost your confidence and when applied gave you a scaffold to approach every question and get to the end thinking that you had done enough to get to the all important pass mark.

As well as reading the study guide, I also attended a two day virtual revision course. It was very intense, but Luiza's experience really shines through. I have done other courses with other providers who have turned their hand to on-line training, but Luiza's years as a facilitator and practitioner are a winning blend to help keep the course on track and make sure that you end the course exactly where you need to be.

The support didn't end there, with loads of encouragement before and after the exam and I really credit Bespoke Training Solutions with my success with all my R0 exams and can not recommend them highly enough."
Vicky Redsell
Paraplanner, Sasha Hunt

Nick's R06 experience

"My RO6 journey began with ordering the BTS study guide in place of the CII study text.

I first started to do this at R03 after being introduced to BTS after chatting to someone in the Bristol exam centre whilst I was waiting to take R05. They showed me their study guide from BTS and it looked a lot more engaging with practice questions/activities, visual representations of information plus worked through examples.

The first thing that struck me about R06 is how different the required technique was from the other R0 multiple-choice exams. The first few activities I tried in the R06 study text I didn’t go well! I was way off the mark in terms of the style of answer that the examiner would be looking for.

Being a technically minded person, it did take me a long time to get to grips with R06 to be honest. A few people I spoke to told me R06 was easy but don’t be fooled by this, especially if you are more ‘techie’ like me. When it got closer to exam time I really 'ummed' and 'ahhed' about booking a revision workshop. I had passed all of my other R0s first time self-studying and without one and so I was sceptical, especially as I was paying for all my own studies! But… I am so glad I did.

The workshop was very interactive, you didn’t just get talked at. We practiced all of the different question styles on questions that were likely to come up in the exam and then reviewed answers with rationale. After the workshop, we received a full pack of all the questions that were likely to come up for each case study along with suggested answers plus some nice graphical crib sheets summarising useful info. Luiza also continued to make herself available right up to the exam to answer questions.
I would definitely recommended BTS materials for your R0 studies."
Nick Coles
Financial Adviser