By Editorial Team | 6 February 2017

The CII have just released the pass-rates for the R0 exam sittings in 2016:

   R01: 57.01%    R02: 57.92%    R03: 50.46%    R04: 54.07%    R05: 72.11%    R06: 73.23%


The R03 personal taxation exam now has the lowest pass-rates of the level 4 Regulated Diploma in Financial Planning qualifications.

This is no surprise. It is something that BTS had suspected we would see, following the change in the syllabus for exam sittings from 1st September.

Since the introduction of the new personal savings and dividend allowances, we have seen that the R03 exam has become significantly tougher. Add to this the fact that time is such an issue in this exam and you have a recipe for a high failure rate. Everyone sitting this exam is up against the clock. Candidates are very conscious of that clock ticking away in the right top hand corner of their screen. It would be interesting to see how many don’t finish the exam and simply run out of time.

The exam you get on the day is also a factor. If you get a version with lots of maths, finishing all the calculation in an hour is a big ask. If you get the alternative version with fewer calculations and more CII exam worded questions, this is not an easy option either…

So, what do we have here at BTS to help you pass?

Well for a start we have designed our own version of the exam study guide. This aims to provide you with incremental learning starting at the bottom and gradually moving you to the required levels. There are examples throughout, interspaced with graphics and exercises so you are not just looking at page after page of text.

We also offer support through quarterly open workshops and the option of intensive one to one coaching. We can support individuals or groups.

You may be a financial adviser, a paraplanner, someone looking to gain the level 4 qualification, or simply wanting to improve your base knowledge as part of your journey to achieve chartered status.

You can find all these options on our website at

Please get in touch with us, and let BTS show you how to improve on these pass-rates.