By Editorial Team | 21 February 2017

Well, a group of BTS students have finally done it!

In a CII R0 exam that has countrywide pass-rates of 57.92%, by hard work and using BTS support, a group of students have achieved the unheard of – a 100% pass-rate!!!

Our group of R02 students were 16 second careerists with little or no financial services background. The majority used the BTS R02 study guide in place of the CII version, and all attended BTS revision workshops.

“First let me thank BTS for their support in passing R02 first time with what I consider a smashing 85% mark. The training and style of learning was my key to success. The BTS R02 study guide, revision workshop and comparing the learning to past paper questions was in my opinion the best approach. I would highly recommend this approach and BTS to anyone.”
Sharon McIlroy – Trainee Wealth Manager

"The BTS study sessions have been invaluable in bringing the R02 knowledge to life with real examples and simplified explanations. The exam technique support is also a great benefit, and the knowledge of questioning styles helps to focus revision.”
Nic Tempest-Hall – Trainee Wealth Manager

“The BTS R02 workshop was excellent, I simply would not have passed without it. The trainer was very thorough and ensured we fully understood all the content.”
Murry Trudt – Trainee Wealth Manager

“Once again BTS deliver beyond expectation. Their R02 study guide made the syllabus much easier to follow and their way of explaining the answer rather than just telling you it's "C" is a really great feature of their tutoring style. I also attended the exam buster sessions and I can't recommend these highly enough. I felt reassured going into the exam and I'd certainly say BTS played a big part in me achieving the high pass mark that I did.”
Craig Macindoe – Trainee Wealth Manager

“I was lucky enough to attend the BTS R02 exam buster sessions. I have sat a lot of exams in my life and very seldom had any difficulty with them but the R0 exams have been a different animal entirely. The instruction that I and my colleagues received from BTS for our R02 was second to none: the tutelage was targeted and relevant to the exam in a way the official study text could never have matched. The classes flowed well and made excellent use of the limited time available. I was genuinely amazed at how easily the knowledge came (and stayed) when using the BTS methods. I have no doubt that the 100% pass rate for our group was down to the exam buster.”
Ewan Cook – Trainee Wealth Manager