What is in store in 2018 for those studying for CII exams?

What is in store in 2018 for those studying for CII exams?

An update from Luiza Todd

The dust has now settled on the news that the Chartered Insurance Institute are no longer running ‘in-house’ exam revision workshops.

This still feels like such a strange decision for an examining body to make. I cannot believe that there is not still a huge appetite for R0 exam support in our industry.

Many existing advisers have moved on to the advanced qualifications in a quest for Chartered Financial Planner status, but to encourage new blood into our industry, surely we still need to provide adequate support for individuals looking to sit and pass the CII R0 exams?

Over the festive period, having time to think and muse over recent announcements and events, I have some more thoughts to share with you in relation to Bespoke Training Solutions (BTS) and what we will be doing in 2018.

What about BTS 2018 revision workshops and their availability?

We have published an initial schedule of R02, 3, 4 and 6 workshop events. To start with, we plan to run these three times a year, but if we get enough interest we will happily extend this.

Just to remind you, our schedule of planned dates in 2018 is as follows:

R01 15th – 16th February 26th – 27th April 15th – 16th October
R02 5th – 6th March 10th – 11th May 25th – 26th October
R03 18th – 19th April 4th – 5th June 26th – 27th November
R04 8th – 9th March 14th – 15th June 26th – 27th November
R06 26th – 27th March 9th – 10th July 1st – 2nd October


To book a place, you can contact us at: https://www.bespoketrainingsolutions.com/contact-us/

I can’t stress enough that the workshops need your support to be run.

We need a minimum of six delegates to be financially viable. Numbers will be capped at a maximum of 12 (probably) as we are great believers that, once a group is above a certain number, any learning tends to be diluted.

Please help us make these a success by:

  • sharing with anyone and everyone who you think might be interested
  • contacting your local PFS regional representatives; surely their members need to know that these options are now available?
  • telling your own companies, in case they have any students studying towards these exams
    …and anything else you can think of…

BTS have a proven track record of outstanding R0 exam success, gained over many years of supporting candidates. We use top class trainers and first-rate workshop materials and practice questions.

Please help us to ensure candidates still have somewhere to go for R0 face to face support.

Thanks in advance.




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