We’ve submitted our complaint letter

We’ve submitted our complaint letter

As promised in last week’s blogs, we have now submitted our letter of complaint to the CII.

In case you’d like to borrow some or all of our words for your own complaint letter, the following is the content of our letter:

For the attention of:

  • Inga Beale: President of the CII Board
  • Sian Fisher: ACII Chief Executive Officer

Dear Ms’ Beale and Fisher

I would like to register a formal complaint against the recent decisions that the CII have made to introduce a compulsory ‘package’ approach to the purchase of study materials and examinations for the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning qualification.

This decision appears to contravene the principles and / or the spirit of:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority (particularly in respect of the expectation of sufficient competition in the market)
  • The Competition and Markets Authority (again, in respect of the expectation of sufficient competition in the market)
  • Treating Customers Fairly (where fair treatment of customers is central to a firm’s corporate culture)
  • Customer Choice (in what they purchase to support them towards a recognised qualification)
  • The CII’s own Code of Ethics (acting with the highest ethical standards and integrity, and in the best interests of each client)

I am requesting that this decision be reversed and that the customers’ ability to purchase exam sittings without the compulsory addition of the CII learning materials be reinstated.

I recognise that any such reversal may take time but am formally requesting acknowledgement of my complaint and an outline of the CII’s proposed actions within 10 working days.



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