Preparing for the July R06 exam

Preparing for the July R06 exam

Remote Webinar Revision Workshop dates now available to book online

BTS have been supporting R06 candidates for longer than we care to admit, and something that we have learned is that you shouldn’t listen to anyone that tells you this R0 exam is easy; we have seen candidates coming to BTS who are on their third, fourth or even fifth attempt. They will tell you that this is definitely not an easy exam.

BTS recommend three things to candidates to give them the best chance of a first-time pass.

    1. Work through a BTS R06 study guide way before the exam case studies are released.
      The BTS R06 guide is full of practice case studies and questions, and enables you to start practising the question-answering techniques that are so important in this exam. It’s not how much you write, it’s the quality of what you write, so… have you answered the question asked? have you given a good variety of
    2. Complete and self-mark as many past R06 papers as you can.
      This also gets you practising the right question-answering techniques.
    3. Attend an R06 revision workshop.
      BTS are offering three dates for our remote workshops for the July exam; 23rd – 24th June, 25th – 26th June and 1st – 2nd July. On these workshops we will be completing and discussing exam-style questions based on the July case studies.

You can order a BTS R06 study guide or register for a R06 workshop space from here.

You can also download the first chapter of the BTS R06 study guide for free, so that you can see how the style of our guides differs from those issued by the examining body.

Alternatively, give us a call on 01748 822777 and we can chat the options through with you.



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