BTS R06 Workshops are filling up fast

BTS R06 Workshops are filling up fast

BTS have scheduled three two-day R06 workshops in the lead up to the April R06 exam. For this group of workshops we have chosen dates that immediately follow the release of the case studies, as part of a cunning exam strategy!

The R06 workshop dates are:

  • 25th – 26th March Leadenhall Building London (now full)
  • 28th– 29th March Holborn London (a few spaces left)
  • 28th– 29th March Deansgate Manchester (a few spaces left)

This cunning strategy allows students to attend a revision workshop, and still have time to practice those key techniques and revise possible technical areas before the exam siting itself, which is on the 8th April

What is required for an R06 exam pass?

A pass is achieved by three things:

  • Self-study before attending any face to face workshop
    Take the time to consider the case studies and start to reach your own conclusions about what possible areas the exam might focus on
  • Practising question-answering techniques
    It is not about how much you write, but more about the quality of what you have written in relation to the questions asked by the examiner.
  • Revision of key technical areas
    The CII have favourite areas that we see examined time and time again such as Lifetime ISAs, workp0lace pensions and a variety of different protection products, to name a few.

What do people tell us about their experience of sitting an R06 exam?

‘I wrote loads down – I thought it was easy and I was bound to pass’

‘I came out feeling really confident. I can’t understand my result. I was really shocked’

‘Nothing unexpected came up – I just don’t know how I could score such a low mark’

‘I was amazed I did not score higher’

‘I was confident coming out of the exam until I received my result’

R06 is no different from any CII R0 exam.

Would you rock up to R02 or R03 having done two days work and nothing else? So, why do so many students think they can treat R06 with so little respect?

We know why! The word from so many so-called ‘experts’ is that this is an easy exam. Well here’s some big news – it’s not.

Disrespect R06 and you are likely to get a shock.

So how can BTS help?

Order the BTS R06 study guide and get studying asap…

Also, get signed up to a BTS workshop before we run out of places…

The cost of attending a BTS RO6 workshop is £335 + VAT. Guides retail at£115.

The guides and workshop places are available via the BTS website at



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