CII familiarisation link for remote invigilation

CII familiarisation link for remote invigilation

By Editorial Team | 24 June 2020

We know that some of you are feeling understandably nervous about sitting the R06 remotely. The latest update from the CII gives a welcome advanced viewing of how the system will look, with a chance to practise navigating the screens on the assessment platform you will be using to take your exam.

The direct link to launch the CII familiarisation test for remote invigilation is now available below. By accessing the familiarisation link ahead of your exam, you can:

  • read instructions for candidates
  • have a go at navigating between questions
  • see what the question answer space will look like
  • practise flagging questions to come back to later get used to the on-screen calculator and highlighter
  • locate the tax tables

Please note, although based on AF1, this example test is designed for all candidates and while there might be slight differences in layout it will give you a good idea of how to navigate and use the platform functionality.

Access the familiarisation platform here:

We wish you the best of luck with your revision and forthcoming exam!