R06 Remote Exam Sittings

R06 Remote Exam Sittings

By Editorial Team | 7 July 2020

Well that went well…

What a day Monday 6th July was for many CII R06 candidates. The CII statement said there was a delay of 15 minutes caused by technical issues. Well that’s not what BTS students are telling us.

Yesterday's events were unacceptable. We have heard of students being unable to log in, when they did log in they then got thrown out again, wait times of 90 minutes to get through to the CII by phone (we pity the poor CII employees answering those calls). And when candidates did manage to start answering the exam questions they could not go back and add extra answers in , they had to submit each answer before they moved onto the next question, pop ups kept appearing asking 'did you want to exit' when no exit buttons had been pressed.

Gill White, L&D Director said in Financial Adviser that 'any candidate unable to login today will be allowed to rebook their exam for a future sitting'. Really? After months of preparation candidates have to wait until October. Wow what a great solution that is....

BTS suggest that any candidate that has not already done so lodge a formal complaint with the CII for the unacceptable delays and exam conditions they experienced.